How to Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U?

I am facing problems with my internet as it keeps disconnecting again and again and when i restart it. It connects to internet again and then disconnects. So i was thinking it might not be configured properly so please tell me exact configuration for my router. Thanks

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  • Firstly plugin Your Dlink router to the power supply.


  • Take an ethernet cable and connect your PC to the router.


  • After that, open a web browser and then type “” in the address bar.
  • Now Dlink Setup wizard will open on your system’s screen.
  • At this moment, you can change whatever you want like as SSID, password, security mode.

If you face any trouble in the overall process then comment here.

There is no proper configuration. If it is configured correctly it will connect, if not then it won't connect as simple as that.

In your modem status/device info/line stats/something similar setting check both snr values are above 15 & both attn values below 50(dlink modem uses 0.1dB scale so divide values by 10 to get standard values).

  1. Connect your laptop and router ethernet port 2 or 3 with CAT6 patch cable.
  2. Type address type username as admin and password as admin
  3. Go to Wireless tab > Click Basic link -> Select the Enable Wireless option -> Type your wifi name in SSID option -> Click Apply/Save button
  4. Go toWireless tab > Click Security link -> Select Disable option on Enable WPS field [optional] -> Select WPA-Personal and Auto option -> Give wireless password on Select WPA/WAPI password field -> Select TKIP+AES option -> Click Apply/Save button
  5. Click Advanced Setup > WAN Service




How to Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U?

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