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How to Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U?

I am facing problems with my internet as it keeps disconnecting again and again and when i restart it. It connects to internet again and then disconnects. So i was thinking it might not be configured properly so please tell me exact configuration for my router. Thanks

Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U:

Step 1 : Firstly plugin Your Dlink router to the power supply.

Step 2 : Take an ethernet cable and connect your PC to the router.

Step 3 : After that, open a web browser and then type “” in the address bar.

Step 4 : Now Dlink Setup wizard will open on your system’s screen.

Step 5 : At this moment, you can change whatever you want like as SSID, password, security mode.

If you face any trouble in the overall process of Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U then comment here.

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Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U:

Connect your laptop and router ethernet port 2 or 3 with CAT6 patch cable.

Type address type username as admin and password as admin.

Go to Wireless tab

> Click Basic link

-> Select the Enable Wireless option

-> Type your wifi name in SSID option

-> Click Apply/Save button.

Go toWireless tab

> Click Security link

-> Select Disable option on Enable WPS field [optional]

-> Select WPA-Personal and Auto option

-> Give wireless password on Select WPA/WAPI password field

-> Select TKIP+AES option

-> Click Apply/Save button.

Click Advanced Setup

> WAN Service.

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How to Setup DLink Router DSL-2750U

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