How do I Make My Dlink Router Secure

Actually, I have not applied any security settings on my Dlink router because I have not aware of router security. Recently shifted to a new house and I don’t want to take any risk on my Dlink router security. Please suggest me how to secure Dlink router so that I can enjoy my internet without any fear. I have also searched for Dlink router security on the internet but didn’t find anything useful. So, friends please discuss how to secure Dlink router in a simple way.

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How to Secure DLink Router -

Securing a DLink router makes sure that your privacy is not breached and no one can use your network without consent. It is advisable to secure your wifi router for optimal performance and better longevity.

Here, I will discuss in detail and provide the necessary steps for Dlink wireless security help. follow the given instructions carefully:

Step 1. Connect your Dlink router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. One end of the cable goes into the WAN port of your router, while the other end of the cable should be inserted into the ethernet port of your computer.

Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

Step 2. Open your web browser and enter your IP address in the given URL field and hit enter. In case you do not know your IP address, you can simply google "My IP Address". This will redirect you to the login page of your Dlink router.

Step 3. Enter "admin" in the username field and leave the password field blank and press enter to go to the main settings page of your router.

NOTE: In case your ISP has provided you with login credentials for the router, enter that, the one I have mentioned above is default username and password.

Step 4. Once on the main router settings page, click on "Advanced Settings" > "Security". Now under the Security section, change the encryption type to WPA2. WPA2 is considered the government level encryption and currently the most secure one.

Step 5. Now under the encryption, you will notice a section for the passkey, this is your wifi password the one you need to connect to your network. make sure to create a strong password with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and characters.

The more secure the password is it will be more difficult for an intruder to get access. save the settings.

Step 6. In order to make sure only your devices get access to your Dlink wifi, you can also set up security and access by MAC Address filtering. Go to Mac address filtering from the top menu and enter the Mac address of the devices you want to grant access to.

This method will ensure that only those devices whose MAC address has been registered will be able to access the wifi network.

These are the steps to secure DLink router and make it less vulnerable to hackers and intruders trying to get access to your device.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in secure Dlink wifi network. in case you have any difficulty in understanding any part or if your issues still persist, make sure to revert back to your problem and I will be glad to help you out.

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To Secure Dlink Router, Follow These Step Wise Instructions That are Described Here -

  1. First of all, login to Dlink router web based configuration page by opening your favourite web browser and then navigate to this IP address “”.
  2. Now, Dlink router web based configuration page will appear on the screen where you have to enter login credentials i.e., username and password. After entering login credentials hit Login and enter into Dlink router setup wizard.
  3. Navigate to Tools option and now you are redirected to Administrator Settings page. Here you will see two accounts i.e., administrator account and user account.
  4. Next, tap on Login name and enter a name in both account fields. Make sure you are going to use the same name for both accounts. After this, move to Passwords fields and enter different passwords for both accounts. And then, save the entire settings by clicking on Save button.
  5. Move to top menu bar and click on Setup button. Now, internet connection page will display on the screen. Go to left side and tap on Wireless option. At this moment, Wireless Network page will appear on the screen. Type wireless network name in the “Wireless Network Name” field.
  6. Navigate to Wireless Security mode section and choose one option among them i.e., -
    • Enable WPA 2 Wireless Security
    • Enable WPA -Personal Wireless Security
    • Enable WPA- Auto Wireless Security
    • You can choose any security mode as per your choice.
  7. On the same page, you will see Cipher type field, choose “AES” for this field. Next, proceed to PSK/EAP for which you have to choose “PSK” for this.
  8. After this go to Passphrase field and enter a long password in it. Also, don’t forget to note down the same password at the secure place.
  9. Now, save entire security settings by clicking on Save button.

Follow above-mentioned steps and secure D link router in the simplest way. If any problem arises then drop a message here, I will definitely help you. If you want professional support for Dlink Wireless Router Security Help then please contact Dlink Router TEAM.

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To Secure Dlink Router:

If its a wireless router you will probably want to put a wep or wpa encryption on the router.

First you need to connect to the router. open web browser and type the address of the router ( by default is or and the password is admin no user name or the user name is admin no password.

Then you will go under security page and set up security encryption.

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