How to setup dlink router dir 615

I have bought D-615 Dlink router. I have Cable modem, am trying to setup. However unable to do it?

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To setup your D-Link router Dir 615, you need to connect your router to a switched-on power source by using an ethernet cable for connection to your computer. And as you have figured out all the connections with the LAN port and ADSL modem, then open your web browser and type and this will redirect you towards the login portal of your router.

Login with username and password, a D-Link DIR-615 setup wizard will appear on your screen and now make manual configuration to the wireless settings.

Change the wireless network name and go to security mode by choosing option WPA-PERSONAL as the most secure encryption.

Here you can make your password strong by changing it accordingly. Finally save the changes in the settings and congratulations, you have successfully configured your D-Link router DIR-615.

How to Setup Dlink Router Dir 615:

Step 1 : Connect your router to a power source and switch it ON. Now using an Ethernet cable connect it to your computer. One end of the Ethernet cable goes inside the LAN port of your router while the other end goes into the Ethernet port on your computer. Connect the ADSL modem cable to WAN port and wait for few minutes to let the connection get established.

Step 2 : Open your web-browser and enter in the URL field. This is the default Ip address for your Dlink router, if this does not work, use your IP address in the URL field. This will redirect you to the login portal of your router.

Step 3 : A login box asking for your username and password will open in front of you. Enter the username as admin and leave the password field blank. You can also search for the login credentials at the bottom of the router. 

Step 4 : D'Link DIR-615 setup wizard will open in front of you. Click on wireless settings appearing on the left side of navigation panel and select “Manual configuration”.


Step 6 : Change the wireless network name (SSID). If you want to change the wireless channel uncheck the box namely “Enable auto channel scan”. Also, make sure that the channels must be 1,6, or 11.

Step 7 : Go to the security mode and choose the option WPA-PERSONAL as it is most secure encryption type and WPA mode as WPA2.

Step 8 : Below the encryption type, you will see a password field. Enter a strong password so it cannot be guessed by any hit and trial methods.

Step 9 : Now, save the settings.

Step 10 : Congrats, you have successfully configured your D-Link router dir 615.

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