How to setup dlink router without cd?

I have a Dlink wireless router which I recently borrowed from my elder brother since he was getting a new one. So the router is hardly 4 months old and he told me its works perfectly fine. The problem is he does not have the CD which came along the router for configuration and I am not into tech, so I have no idea how to do it any other way. Can anyone here tell me in easy steps how to configure my Dlink router without CD?

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Answer Post By : Rahul Rahul
2 years ago


You do not need the setup CD to make a router work (frankly the following is my preferred method as the CD's usually install unnecessary "bonus features".) Here is how you establish Internet connections on a (aka "configure a") router"¦ and I will use a D-Link as my example but they all work basically the same.

  1. Assign your PC an IP address in the same range as the router's default address"“ for most routers assign the IP of but since this is a D-Link router use (Look to to the router manufacturer's website's support page/FAQ's if you don't know this.)
  2. Connect the PC directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Open a web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) and enter http:// and then the IP address number of the router into the address bar. (If you don't know this look to the router manufacturer's Website for "default settings"). Typically this is or "” but D-Link uses
  4. Enter the default Name and Password (again look to to the router manufacturer's website's support page/FAQ's if you don't know these). But typically these are "admin"+"admin" or "admin"+"password" D-Link's default is admin/admin.
  5. Return to your PC's Network Connections (from Step 1) and reset your PC to "Get address automatically"“DHCP". Reboot your PC if necessary.
Answer Post By : Raa Chellewin Raa Chellewin
2 years ago


D link router doesn't require any software CD.
Type in the address bar (make sure the router is connected) then new page opens now give user id and password as 'admin' then log in.
Select set up menu -> create new connection -> Fill up the form give vpi = 0.
vci = 35 and give correct user id and password given by service provider and select the connection type as PPoE apply.
Now select tools -> system commands -> save all.
Then on same window select restart.
Now yours router is configured .
Now u can use the Internet.


How to setup dlink router without cd?

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