If I Reset My D-Link Router Do I Need the CD

I basically need to change the password and username on my d-link account because I lost it so I need to reset the whole problem i do not have the CD is that ok?

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Reset DLink Router:

Hello buddy, there is no need for CD while changing username and password for Dlink router. Here I have described two easiest methods through which you can modify the password and username of your Dlink account.

Learn how to RESET Dlink Router account username and password in an easy way -

Method 1-

  1. First of all, launch Google Chrome and type “” in the address bar.
  2. Now, you are prompted to Dlink web page where you have to enter default username and password. After this, press a click on Login button.
    • Username - Admin
    • Password – Leave it blank
  3. Now, enter into Dlink router setup wizard where you need to tap on Setup> Wireless Settings.
  4. After this, you need to tap on Manual Wireless Network Setup.
  5. Next, scroll down the mouse cursor and then tap on “Wireless Security mode”. Look at this section carefully because here you can specify your wireless password. Go to the Pre-Shared key field and enter a strong password in it. For changing username, go to SSID field and enter a unique name in this field.
  6. At last, tap on Save button and save the entire settings.

Method 2 -

  1. Navigate to “”.
  2. Next, login into Dlink account by using your existing username and password.
  3. After entering into Dlink webpage, first, tap on My Devices and then on Settings.
  4. Now, move to your basic settings to change Dlink router password. Go to SSID field and modify its value. For displaying password, tap on “Show Password”.
  5. After changing the password, click on Save button and save the entire settings.
  6. You have to wait for a few moments to apply new changes.

Now your Dlink router will reboot automatically and all settings will get saved. If any problem arises while applying these settings then contact Dlink Router Technical Support Number.

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Answer - 2

Reset DLink Router:

Hi dear, you don't need CD for resetting password and username of your D-Link account. Just follow basic steps. First press the reset button of your router by a thin object. Press that button for 10 seconds.

After that open your web browser and type and press enter. A web page will open and you have to type "admin" in login id box and do not fill anything in password box.

You can also reset your details. First open your web browser and type and press enter button. Type admin in login id and press enter.

After this click on"setup" and then choose "wireless settings"from left side. In last click on "manual wireless connection setup"and type new id and password.

I hope it will help you.

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