How to Setup Dlink Router on MAC

Friend suggested this was a good router to get but can't figure how to setup. Is this a big waste of time or is there an easy fix.

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D-Link offers everything that a user requires to meet his or her home networking needs. From web surfing to 4k streaming, this device never fails to meet your expectations and helps you carry out all the jobs with an elevated internet experience.

D-Link routers are built with the latest networking technologies and have the best network range. These devices have Wi-Fi mesh solutions that allow you to enjoy seamless connectivity.

If you want your D-Link router to accompany you in all your internet-related experiences, then you must first set up D-Link router on Mac. Below, you are going to read how to log in to D-Link router on Mac and how to reset your D-Link router in case you fail to log in.

How to Setup Dlink Router on Mac?

Step 1 : Take an ethernet cable and connect your mac to the router.

Step 2 : Now, navigate your web browser to “” in the address bar.  A login box prompting you to enter the username and password will open in front of you. set the username as admin and leave the password field blank.

Step 3 : Now Dlink Setup page will open on your system’s screen. Choose manual setup and go to advanced > Network filter.

Step 4 : Select "Turn mac filtering ON and allow computers listed to access the network". Type your mac address in the blank pass field and click on save to apply your changes.

Step 5 : Your Dlink router is now configured with mac.

How to log into the D-Link router?

If you wish to learn how to log into your D-Link router, then read the steps below.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to find the IP address of your D-Link router. For that, go to the Apple logo in the upper menu bar and select System Preferences. 

Step 2: Now, select the Network icon. 

Step 3: Choose Wi-Fi from the network screen appearing on the left. Now, you will see the IP address of your router below the subnet mask. Copy this address.

Step 4: After that, open Safari on your Mac and then paste the IP address you just copied in the location bar of Safari. 

Step 5: Now, the login screen of your D-Link router will open up. Enter the default username and password on your D-Link router. If you recently changed the credentials, then enter the new credentials and then click on login. 

Step 6: Then, the admin interface of your D-Link router will open up. 

FAQs of Setup Dlink Router on Mac

Q: How to Setup D-Link on the Mac? 

Ans: To set up your router, you need to first form a physical connection and then log into the web-based setup page of your router. To learn how to log in to your router on Mac, read the article above.

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Setup Dlink Router on MAC:

  • Plug the router into the modem.
  • Plug the Mac in via an ethernet cable.
  • The router will have a default address likely or
  • Open Safari and type and the router should come up.
  • The manual will tell you the default password and username if there is one.

Once into the router you have do some setup depending on if you are using the wireless or not. What security options to use. Also you may need to setup you Mac to use DHCP which it likely already is unless you changed it.

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Setup Dlink Router on MAC:

Open Safari and type into the address bar This will take you to the router setup ware.

To get past the first screen type admin and admin again for the password.

Now I'm not sure where that software will take you but somewhere in there you will need to supply three pieces of information:

You may need to select manually configure to get to the place where you can enter the following information.

--> Your ip's address-

--> Your username that you have with your isp

--> You password that you have with your isp

If your having difficulty making these settings then your best talking to your ISP or D-link support as it is not nothing to do with the Mac. So assuming you are successful entering this information then: Click OK or connect whatever the affirmative button is and if all goes well the software should indicate as much.

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