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How do I Secure My Wireless Network D-Link?

I have a D-Link wireless network without security key and other people can use it without my permission so I want to know how to set up a security to protect my network from other user without permission. I want to know how to set up a network key to protect my D-Link wireless network so that other user who has no authorization to my network can't connet to my network.

How do I Secure My Wireless Network:

Step 1) Login to router on the address

Step 2) Verify that the firmware is up to date.

The latest version of the firmware can be downloaded from thesupport section of the website.

Step 3) Click Home thenWireless

Step 4) By default Enable APwith be checked. Keep this option checked as it is essential forthe wireless networking.

Step 5) Keep existing SSID andChannel or customize them to your wirelessevironment.

Step 6) Select Security: WEPand check Enable WEP Wireless Security

Step 7) Select AuthenticationType after how your wireless cards are configured. Ifyou are not sure select Both

Step 8) Select the 1st EncryptionKey and invent a 10 digit hexadecimal key(Cipher: 64 bit) or a 26 digit hexadecimal key(Cipher: 128bit). hexadecimal meens only thecharacters abcdef0123456789 are allowed in anycombination.

Step 9) Click Apply. The samepage should appear again with your new settings.

The dialogue "Privacy type is set to WEP. Multiple SSIDsupport will be disabled." will appear which is anotification that the router cannot have WEP security and MultipleSSID at the same time therefore will disable Multiple SSID toallow the security. Click OK to accept the notification.

Step 10) Click Tools then System Commands.

Step 11) Click Save All. Whendone click on back then Restart.

Step 12) The DSL-G624T will reboot.

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How do I Secure My Wireless Network:

Step 1 : You need to enter the configuration page and turn on WPA2 security and enter a passphrase that will be needed by any connecting devices. Your manual and THIS guide gives you some details of how to find that in your router.

Step 2 : You may also want to turn on MAC address security if your router supports it and feel the added security is needed. If possible turn off WPS which can be cracked by Reaver to bypass your WPA2 security on routers that use WPS.

Step 3 : One last idea is to change your admin ID and password for your router and write them down somewhere that you won't lose them.

Step 4 : Look at manual for specific instructions but it is in the configuration pages of the router under Wireless Security.

To get to the configuration page you have to type in the router IP address for DLink usually (or type in https://dlinkrouter) into the browser of an attached computer usual password Admin or admin and password blank (or admin I think on some old models) then go into Wireless Settings (wizard or manual) and look for wireless security mode -- set it to WPA or WPA2 and a passphrase.

Step 5 : There should be a whole section in your manual called wireless security that has pictures of the configuration pages. Some of the newer DLink models have a Wireless Security Setup Wizard that will tell you step by step what to enter -- network name (SSID) security type and a passphrase.

Step 6 : Write the passphrase down as all of your devices will need it too.

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How do I Secure My Wireless Network D-Link

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