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Restore Default Setting on TP-Link Router?

I have recently bought a tp-link (TL-WR641H) router, i decided to change the default password so that my PC would be safe from intruders. After changing the default password to one specified by me, i tried logging in to the website which contained my TP-LINK settings, but it wouldn't let me log in, so i tried with the default Pass and Username....still it would not log me in.....whats wrong...how can i log in....??? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Configure TP Link Router after Reset:

TP-Link routers play an important role in our daily lives. These routers provide flawless performance and gives excellent internet speed. Many router devices including Belkin, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear & TP-Link.

This answers helped user to restore default setting on TP-Link router? Remember the login data for a user interface of a TP-Link router its IP address is, its username and password is same as “admin”. First need to access the TP-Link router interface as included:

If you need to change a TP-Link router configuration, then access the user interface. For this, get ready to access the configuration as mention here:

Step 1) First of all, turn on the TP-Link router.

Step 2) Now connect a device via Wi-Fi or a network cable to a TP-Link router.

Step 3) Now open any one of your favorite web browser such as chrome, Firefox or a Safari.

Step 4) Then enter an IP address into the address line and then confirm it by hitting an enter button on your keyboard.

Step 5) After this, type a username along with a strong password in that opened interface and then confirm the password into the another field of confirmation.

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Configure TP Link Router after Reset:

When you’re trying to reset default settings, it is more helpful especially when a user changed or forgotten its login credentials of a TP-Link router interface.

First get to execute hardware reset:- try below steps which may help to reset TP-Link hardware reset.

  • a) Firstly now put a TP-Link router into operation.
  • b) Now press the reset key button and then hold it for at least 5-6 seconds.
  • c) Then your router and a computer device restart as automatically.
  • d) Thus, at last, your TP-Link router gets reset into its factory settings.

Furthermore, if you’ve default address then secure your device by entering a strong password that nobody can guess. We think that all customers get instant answers without no more delays. Read out these instructions and follow it as correctly.

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