How To Setup TP Link Router On Mac

Hi I'm attempting to hook up a Mac OSX 10.6 to a TP-Link WR740N ver 2.5 FCC V2. I can't connect to the WEB management web site through the router and my DSL which is connected won't access it. Apparently I need to contact that page to get to the CLONE MAC feature....I'm having a Catch 22 experience. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

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TP Link Router Setup MAC:

Usually, people get more advanced in using Apple products. In this new technologies, we all have MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Just need to operate as for a home server, and I had some of a few non-standard configuration issues arising frequently.

Need to stop and also make TP-Link router setup on mac. Firstly, I couldn’t get to the router configuration page on my safari web browser.

I had to clone the previous MAC address, and finally, it’s static internal IPs set on most of my devices in the house including the machine I was installing the router on.

So, here are the easy steps to fix it if you have plugged in a TP-Link router on a Mac home network and you can’t get it set up.

Let us make a new setup if mac won't connect to TP Link router and clear it by following steps as mentioned below:-

Setup of a TP Link router on Mac as described below:

Step 1 : First of all, go to the Network Preferences. Now open your Ethernet connection and then go to TCP/IP. Clear the manual setting from your DHCP, and permit the machine to be assigned an internal IP from the DHCP server in the router.

Step 2 : Hit in your browser. This should theoretically get you to the router config page. It worked for me. That’s the default IP for TP-LINK.

Step 3 : admin/admin are the un/pw for TP-LINK.

Step 4 : Keep a browser window open so you can see whether you’ve got a connection.

Step 5 : If you do, good. You’re fine to set static IPs/MAC bindings.

Step 6 : If not, try cloning the MAC. Go to the MAC settings in the router config, hit the “clone” button, save, and reboot the router.

Step 7 : Does it work yet? If not, add a static IP for the box you’re working on while configuring the router.

Step 8 : Hard cycle the router and modem.

Step 9 : Set static IPs and MAC bindings.

Step 10 : Get an instant Profit!!!

I’ll keep updating these instructions as discussed above. I’m assuming you know to set different ways to make a set up of a TP-Link router on mac as on System Preferences.

But if you’re actually able to follow these above steps as the simplest form then go through it. I’ll also reset the router and totally forget how to get work, hopefully, this answer will find appropriate for you.

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