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How to Setup QOS on TP-Link Router?

I want to setup QoS on my TP-Link W8901G router that will prioritize LAN port 2. The problem is there are numerous settings but I don't know which one is best for my TP-Link router. Please guide me how to setup QoS on TP-Link W8901G router. Thanks!

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Setup QOS on TP-Link Router -

Generally, QoS TP-Link is set up to prioritize internet traffic. Although it is not a complicated task, you can easily setup QoS on TP-Link router.

To setup QoS on TP-Link router, just follow these points -

1. Launch your favorite internet browser and type “” in the browser’s address bar. After this, a login page will appear on the screen where you have to enter username and password that you have set for your TP-Link router.

2.After logging into TP-Link router setup wizard, tap on Advanced> QoS > Settings. After this, you have to choose “Enable QoS” Checkbox. Then, tap on NAT Boost.

Also, deselect “Enable NAT Boost” option and save the changes.

3.Now, you have to input maximum upload and download bandwidth that is provided by your ISP. To set the bandwidth priority percentage, first, tap on Advanced and then drag the scrollbar to the particular value. After this, tap on Save button.

4. In next step, you have to add QoS TP link rules.

a) Set high priority rule for FTP server -

To set a high priority rule on FTP server, first, move to the High-priority section and then click on Add. Press a click on the radio-box that is displaying next to “By Application”. After this, choose FTP from the displaying results. Then tap on OK.

b) Set middle priority rule for Phone -

To set a middle priority rule for phone, first, move to Middle Priority section and then tap on “Add”. After this, choose “By device” option and then tap on “View Existing Devices”. Next, select the device from the Access Device List. Then, click on OK. Now, QoS rules list will show on the table.

Finally, QoS is implemented on your TP-Link router. If you have any confusion or any error arise then revert back, I will feel glad to help you in this context. If you need professional assistance for TP-Link router then reach out at TP-Link Router team.

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