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How do I Configure TP Link Remote Management?

Is there anyone who knows about how do i configure TP-Link remote management. I have no idea about this configuretion. If anyone knows then help me.
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Configure TP Link Remote Management:

Remote Management for your tp-link wireless router is a very unique and value-added feature that truly enables you to access, view, or, modify your tp-link’s router settings over the internet. You can pretty easily configure tp-link remote management by having tp-link router’s WAN IP address, username, and password as prerequisites.

Friends, I recently got on the venture to configure tp-link remote management in a bid to allow access using the tp-link wireless router which I successfully accomplished by adhering to the simple yet pretty interactive procedure prescribed by virtue of this quick user guide.

So, just peruse the schematic procedure enshrined in this quick user guide to actually be able to configure tp-link remote management quickly.

1 - Opening the TP-Link Login Page Initially

The primary aspect to configure tp-link remote management is that you have to open the tp-link login page by entering the below-mentioned address on the home page of your internet browser and pressing the Enter button thereafter. or

You can alternatively punch in http://tplinklogin.net in the search bar of your internet browser followed by pressing the Enter key. Please do take note of the fact that the LAN IP varies from one tp-link model to the other thus appealing to you to find the same on the bottom of the product’s label.

2 - Punching in the Login Credentials in the TP-Link Login Page

Once the tp-link login page opens you must go entering the username and password in the respective fields followed by clicking on the OK button. It here becomes noteworthy that username and password are the same and read as “admin” and this happens to be a critical and mandatory step that makes the way forward to configure tp-link remote management.

3 - Initializing to Open the Remote Management Dialog Box

Now you should click on the “Remote Management” option after pressing the “Security” tab given on the left-hand side.

4 - Acting in Pursuit of Enabling the Remote Management Function  

Step 1 - As soon as the Remote Management dialog box opens you must first check whether the “Remote Management” option is disabled. This can be confirmed if you see “80” in the field corresponding to the “Web Management Port” along with the address “” adjacent to the “Remote Management IP Address”.

Web Management Port happens to be a security enhancement that contemplates that you can change the Web Management Port to another one if the situation warrants it.

Step 2 - So if you are sure that the Remote Management function is disabled then you can move forward to enable it by entering the specific remote IP address. (You may also punch in as the standard IP address after which you can get connected with the tp-link router from anywhere over the internet but the same is advisably not recommended in a normal scenario).

Step 3 - Finally click on “Save” to save the settings going forward. 

Some Points Worth Taking Note of When You are to Configure TP-Link Remote Management  

  1. What’s even more interesting in the attempt to configure tp-link remote management is that you can set your own rules for allowing access remotely on your tp-link wireless router which also makes sense to facilitate Remote Management for known IP addresses only and to disable the Remote Management feature to strictly avoiding any suspicious or unauthorized access.
  2. You are specifically advised to enter the IP address of the tp-link router to get paired up with this device only using a computer.
  3. Providing an extra layer of caution to the pursuit of enabling the Remote Management function, you must change the username and password especially if you have entered the IP address as in the Remote Management IP Address.
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