How to Connect a Device to my Deco

Please let me know that how to connect a device to my Deco. I am facing some issues while trying to connect it. Help me.
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Connect a Device to my Deco:

Deco is a full-fledged Wi-Fi system that is capable of facilitating wired and wireless connections to set the way for the provision of seamless internet connectivity. But for this, you will have to go as per the notion of “connect a device to my Deco” to successfully be able to connect your device to your Deco.

Here is made available a quick guide that explains how you can go implementing the model of “connect a device to my Deco” in your given case and continue enjoying marvelous internet connectivity all across the length and breadth of your home.

What Changes do You need to Execute on your Deco to Implement the Notion of “Connect a Device to my Deco”

You are required to perform the following actions on your Deco in a bid to connect your devices to your Deco in wireless mode.

Step 1 - Initially, you have to confirm your action of connecting your device to Deco by punching in the correct password.

Note: If you actually do not know the password then you must go launching the Deco app followed by going to the “Network/More” option and thereafter opening the “Wi-Fi Settings” segment to see your Deco password.

Step 2 - To make sure that your device is not blacklisted you must further click on the relevant link that will provide confirmation whether your device is categorized as blacklisted or not.

Step 3 - Now you should also turn off the “Fast Roaming Feature” as it is observed that to cause the ideology of “connect a device to my Deco” materialize calls for enabling the “Fast Roaming Feature”. You can find this “Fast Roaming Feature” in the “Advanced” segment under the “More” option.

Step 4 - It is also advisable that you ought to turn off the 5G Wi-Fi Network Feature as many devices operate under the 4G mechanism which is supported under the 2.4GHz band. To finally turn off the 5G Wi-Fi network you must launch the Deco app followed by tapping on the “Network/More” option on the Wi-Fi Settings page. Thereafter, you should disable the 5G Wi-Fi network option.

Step 5 - You can also try connecting your device under the “Guest Network”.

Step 6 - Changing the “Wireless Security” type is also a way how you can really “connect a device to my Deco”. This can be given effect by tapping on the “Network/More” followed by selecting the “Wi-Fi Settings” option and further going on to tap the “Security” option to change the “Wireless Security Type”.

Step 7 - Make sure that the SSID does not bear any special characters or the password going ahead.

What You Ought to Do on Your Device to Help Yourself Restore the “Connect a Device to my Deco” Mechanism


Many a time certain modifications are to be made on your device so as to get connected to Deco. The same is enshrined as follows.

Step 1 - Just confirm that your device does not have a static IP address.

Step 2 - You also have to ensure that your device is capable of receiving strong signals from your Deco which can be facilitated by removing physical obstructions between your Deco Wi-Fi system and your device.

Step 3 - You may also resort to executing a Power Cycle on your device and Deco collectively.

Step 4 - Updating the firmware of your wireless adapter may also be feasible which will help you effectuate the idea of “connect a device to my Deco”.

Step 5 - As the last resort you can opt to contact the Deco Wi-Fi Wireless Team which will successfully address all connectivity issues and will probably assist you to give effect to the overall objective to let you actualize the notion of “connect a device to my Deco”.       

Some Points that Deserve to be Pretty Noteworthy 

  1. Your Deco is capable enough to support both wired and wireless internet connections.
  2. Deco M3W facilitates only wireless connectivity as it does not have any Ethernet Port.
  3. Normal Deco comes with two Ethernet Ports at the back for connecting devices using an Ethernet cable.
  4. If you are willing to expand the reach of your Deco then you can get this done by adding a Switch to your Ethernet Port.
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