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How Can I Password Protect My Belkin G Router (wireless)?

I have a Belkin Wireless G Router and I have people connecting to it and I would like to password protect it. I just don't know where to go or how to do it.

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Password Protect to Belkin G Router (wireless):

Connect the router and computer to create a secure connection between the two pieces of equipment. To do this plug an Ethernet cable into one of the LAN (Local Area Network) ports located on the back of the Belkin router.

Connect the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port located on the back of the computer (the side of the computer if you are using a laptop).

Step 1 : Access the GUI (graphic user interface) to gain access to the router settings. To do so open a web browser and enter into the address bar of the browser. Press "Enter" or "Return" on the keyboard.

Step 2 : Click on the "Login" hyperlink located at the top of the page. Enter "Admin" into the username and leave the password blank. Click "Submit" to load the GUI.

Step 3 : Click on the "Security" hyperlink located under "Wireless".

Step 4 : Select "64Bit WEP" or "128Bit WEP" from the drop-down menu and enter in any 10-digit hexadecimal password into the "Key1" box. Hexadecimal is a password with both letters and numbers in it.

Step 5 : Select "Apply Settings" to update the router's security password. Use this password to connect your computer and on other equipment to the router.


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Password Protect to Belkin G Router (wireless):

Connect to your router using an Ethernet Cable. Do not use the wireless as you will be losing communication over wireless Access the setup page for your router using your browser.

The address and passwords are in the manual.

Go to the wireless setup page Create a unique name for your router (the ssid)

- WRITE IT DOWN Choose WPA security.

- (WEP has been hacked) Enter your password.

- WRITE IT DOWN Save the settings and restart the router Now disconnect the cable Refresh the wireless network list on your computer and find the name you gave the router Connect to it You will be asked for the password.

- Enter it You should now connect Once you have connected do the following In the administrator tab change the user name and password for the router


- save your settings Now in the wireless section select "hide SSID".

- save your settings.

Your router is now hidden from most network scanners. (not all but most) If you really want to lock down your system

- get the MAC ID of your computer(s)

- use IP config /all from a DOS window- and enter the MAC ID(s) for the machines allowed to use the router. That will lock out anyone attempting to access the router.

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