What is a Router? What can Belkin Router Do?

What is a Router?

A Belkin router represents as a gateway and shows the flow of data with the devices for your network and the internet. Taking the router connection makes the work easier and possible to add one more device to connect with your Internet. Belkin router makes a job to do the work on your internal network (LAN or Local Area Network) so that they can communicate to the Internet.

What Can Belkin Router do?

  1. When you connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) then you will get only one IP address and that is your external IP address. If you have only one device in your network and that one address would be you need. Each and every device that connected to the Internet have their own IP address that should be unique and global. Therefore router provides more than one device that connected to the Internet. A router takes only one IP address given by ISP and it is used to connect to the Internet or WAN (Wide Area Network) side of things.
  2. NAT (Network Address Translation) it makes your device to connect different internet locations that you have been established to the network and router track these devices from inside to the internal and external network and the data access able to the internal network.
  3. Other many routers are SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) or in other language we can say Home Routers. These type of routers are connected at your home for official purpose or as a small office to the Internet Connection. There are many other different types and various kind of router models that can provide various features.