How to Setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO:

Are you searching for an easy guide to setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO? Not to worry, as you have landed the right page to understand and implement the setup instructions. But before you begin with the guide to setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO, you must know the features and device configuration in detail.

Belkin offers one of the top features, among other available routers in the market. One of them is $130 NetCam HD Wireless Camera for budget centric security enthusiasts. While few new features have also been added to this updated version of the camera.

Here is the list of some decent specification loaded with the device:

  • 720P HD video recording
  • Two-way talk feature
  • Cloud storage (upto $10 per month for the cloud+service)
  • Free motion detection
  • Night vision control
  • Instant push notification system
  • WEMO supported
  • 95° degree angle rotation
  • Easy web app interface
  • User-friendly app

As highlighted, this specific camera offers an amazing WEMO support (Smart Plug). This means that by using the WEMO app, you can easily manage the power of the camera from anywhere. In simple words, you can switch it on or off anytime remotely. Additionally, the Two Way Talk feature provides you a rich experience when you are not at home. Overall, this is really a good device for parenting purpose.

The NetCam HD+ comes along with a white finish and it is composed of plastic components with the exception of a small metal joint that connects the camera to its stand. The provided metal component makes it very easy to adjust the camera angle as required for the specific application.

Quick Steps to Setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO

Let us check the trouble free instructions to setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO. So, here you go:

Step 1: Firstly, plug into the power socket.

Step 2: Now, at the back of the NetCam, you have to flip the switch UP to start the work mode.

Step 3: Next, you have to download WEMO NetCam App from App store for iOS users or Play store if you are Android user.

Step 4: Now, on your device, simply go to the Settings >> Wireless >> Connect to NetCam WiFi Network.

Step 5: Launch the app specific to your device. The app will automatically detect your new camera. Lastly, tap on the YES button.

Step 6: Now, tap on the Connect Camera to the Internet option.

Step 7: Choose your desired Home wireless network.

Step 8: Now, create your own account. 

Step 9: Here, you are required to set a Camera name along with its Description.

Step 10: Finally, switch down the plug on the back side of the camera.

How is Belkin Netcam a Great Choice?

In some short words, Belkin camera is an affordable camera. Anyone can easily use it for keeping an eye on the kids and pets. Moreover, the video quality is just outstanding and is in fact better for night vision.

Anyone with no technical knowledge can setup Belkin Netcam HD WiFi WEMO camera. With the approximate price of $130, it’s a perfect option.

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