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How to Connect Belkin Wireless Network Without the Password Key?

Hello everyone ! I just want to know is there any way for connecting to Belkin wireless network without the password key. Actually, I forgot my Belkin router’s password key and that’s why I am unable to access the internet, so please help me guys!

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See How to Connect Belkin Wireless Network without Password Key | Belkin Router Wps Button

  1. First of all, login into Belkin router Control Panel by typing “” in the browser’s address bar and then hit Enter button.
  2. Now Belkin router login page will open on the computer’s screen, here don’t type anything in the password field. Click on the Submit button to access Belkin’s Control Panel.
  3. After logging into Belkin router control panel, first, tap on “Push Button Configuration” to initiate WPS. By doing this, other wireless users will log into your network even if you have not accessed to Belkin router.
  4. Press Belkin router wps button to enable WiFi protected setup.
  5. By doing this, you can connect wireless devices to Belkin router without entering the password. Just search for your Belkin router network and then click on Connect option.
  6. If due to any reason you can’t be logged into Belkin dashboard then locate the Belkin reset button and press it using a paperclip for 15 seconds. By doing this, admin and WiFi password will reset to default values.

Once Belkin router reset to default settings, log into the dashboard and customize the settings as per your needs.

Although by resetting Belkin router, firmware upgrades will get delete that you have made via the dashboard. After logging into Belkin router wizard, if you get prompt to download the newest firmware then go for it before doing other tasks.

If you have any doubts or queries related to the Belkin router then please let me know. If you require professional assistance to troubleshoot Belkin router issues then call at Belkin Router TEAM.


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How to Connect Belkin Wireless Network Without the Password Key

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