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How to Setup Belkin Wireless Router?

Hello, I have bought Belkin wireless router. Now i am trying to connect, but not connecting.Please tell me how to setup Belkin wireless router. I have no idea about that Belkin router.

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Setup Belkin Wireless Router:

Mentioned below are some of the steps that you must follow in order to get access to the panel of the Belkin router and create an administrator password for the security of the router.

Power Cycling of the Modem and the Belkin Router:

Step 1: Disconnect both the modem and the router from the electricity source.

Step 2: Use an Ethernet wire for linking the modem to the WAN port of the router.

Step 3: Press the button of ON on the modem and after that reconnect the router back to the power source.

Steps to Manually Setup Belkin Wireless Router:

These are the steps that are applicable on the selected models of your Belkin router.

Step 1: Connect your personal computer to any of the ethernet ports of the router.

Step 2: Open any page on your internet browser and then enter the IP address of the router in the URL section and then click on the search icon. Default IP address of your Belkin router is

Please check the troubleshooting information if you are having any problem accessing the IP address. Alternatively, you can take a look at the list of default IP addresses.

Step 3: In the next step to setup Belkin wireless router, go to login and then click on it.

Step 4: No need to add the password and then select submit.

Step 5: Go to the point of internet WAN and then select the connection type.

Step 6: Once the connection type is selected and then select Next.

Step 7: Enter the details provided by your internet service provider and then click on the button to apply changes.

How to Configure Wireless Features on the Belkin Router?

For the configuration of the setup page, go to the Wireless tab. After that, you can change the name of the wireless network as well as the wireless channel.

Allow Wireless Security:

Go to the Wireless tab and then select security. Carefully follow the steps mentioned on the screen. Now, the wireless router is properly setup. To enable the security of your wireless network, you need to allow address filtering so that you can prevent unauthorized users from getting access to the wireless network.

We all know that a router is a pillar of support for a connected home. Setting up the Belkin wireless router means keeping the wireless network secured by the proper configuration of the router. Although the process to setup Belkin wireless router is extremely easy. But if you have not done the configuration before, then it can be very difficult.

One needs to go to the administration panel in order to view the router settings. So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to setup Belkin wireless router.

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Setup Belkin Wireless Router

As we know that a router is pillar of support of a connected home. Setup Belkin wireless router means keeping the wireless network protected by proper setup of the router. Whereas, the procedure to setup Belkin wireless router is very simple, but if you have not done the configuration before, then it can be very difficult.

Few Things You Need to Know for Belkin Router Setup

  • Internet connection from your internet services providers like comcast, verizon or any other provider.

  • Ethernet cable mostly rj45 (to connecting modem to Belkin router)

  • A computer or a smartphone with all browser 

  • You may always setup Belkin wireless router with smartphone or tablet by using any full browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer etc.

Setup Belkin Wireless Router:

  • Connect your Belkin router with power outlet and switch it on.

  • Plug in your modem to your Belkin router with a cable (internet or Ethernet cable )

  • By now connect the computer to the router through one more Ethernet cable.

  • If you do not have extra Ethernet cable, then reset the Belkin Router and tap on wireless icon on your computer.

  • Connect with the unsafe Belkin router and open the browser

  • When you connected the Belkin router with computer then open any web browser like Firefox, Chrome or internet explorer and type and hit enter.

Belkin Router Setup Dashboard

Now your modem will identify your Belkin router and now you can configure the settings in your wireless routers like SSID (network name) and password.

  • You can change or set up a password as you want by going into wireless settings and apply the changes.

  • Once you setup your Belkin router then restart your router and computer both.

  • Well your router has been configured now you should have wireless internet.

  • When Belkin setup you may see that your Belkin router not identify the modem. In this case, we will suggest you simply restart the modem and router than try again Belkin router setup guide.

Install Belkin Router Using Smartphone

For set up the Belkin wifi router using a smartphone, these are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Connect the modem with a Belkin wireless router through the internet cable (Ethernet) and switch the modem and router on.

  • Just now check on your smartphone where you will see a new Belkin network name.

  • Simply tap on it and you can connect with the Belkin router web interface using this network.

  • It should not ask for a password but in case it may ask for a password please look inside the new router box there will be a configuration card within it having the default information like username & password. You can also see the default password on the back of your router.

If You still cannot find it anywhere try to reset the Belkin router through the reset key at the back.

  • Now tap on to connect after reset or after you enter the password and it will take you to Belkin router setup page and now you can setup Belkin wireless router by given instruction.

  • You can adjust the Belkin router dashboard and lock the router You may also manage the settings such as password, channel, parental control and access to the websites.

  • Update Belkin router firmware from time to time and reboot after the update.

  • Always confirm that you check the connection type for the setup of a Belkin wireless router. Some of the connection types are- dynamic IP connection,  pppoe, static ip address

These are some useful tips for installing and configuration the Belkin wireless router

Setup Belkin Router Using mac Computer

Follow the steps one by one and this will allow you to install your Belkin wireless router with mac.

  • Connect the Belkin wireless router with the modem using internet cable to the internet port.

  • Now reboot the Belkin router and restart the mac also. When it’s turned on login to your computer

  • You will find a new Belkin router network on the network list, connect with it

  • Follow the guidelines and identify the connection and setup Belkin router through the recommended settings.

  • Setup password and network name for your wireless router and save the settings and restart the router and great it should be set up and now you can use it.

 I hope the above mentioned information will help you to setup Belkin wireless router.  Share this post with other people also If it was helpful.

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