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How to Change My Xbox NAT Type for a Belkin Router?

On xbox live i keep not being able to play with friends and join games due to my NAT type anyone know how to fix it for this router?

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Change Nat Type on Belkin Router -

Usually, some routers are away from without forwarding manually the Xbox 360's ports and this requires the firewall configuration of Belkin routers. Without forwarding your incoming traffic gets failed to use properly route of your console.

It arises you in attaining error messages stating NAT as too strict for an online game and even their services. Although Belkin routers has DHCP capability of its own. The main function of port forwarding is for assign an IP address at your console that can cause the address to changing the route to time to time.

Here We Discuss How to Change NAT Type on Belkin Router as Follows:

Step 1 : First you turn on your 360 and entered the system setting menu which is located at the far right of your Xbox.

Step 2 : This opens your setting screen. The button highlighted as network settings press the button "˜A'.

Step 3 : Before selecting the wired or wireless network it depends upon how you are connecting your Belkin router.

Step 4 : The highlight buttons labelled as Configure network and press the button "˜A'. This opens for editing IP setting screen.

Step 5 : After this choose manual and press the button A. Select IP address and press A. Now type and press A.

Step 6 : Then submit Subnet Mask and again press the "˜A' button. Then type and press A.

Step 7 : Then select gateway and press A. And type and press the "˜A' button. After this select done and again press the button A. This provides you back of the last previous screen.

Step 8 : In the highlight settings and hold the button A for selecting manual and aging then press A on the screen which avails in the DNS settings.

Step 9 : Then choose primary DNS server by pressing the button A. Then enter and again hit the A button.

Step 10 : Choose Secondary DNS server and then press A. Input 8.8.8 and then press A. Then choose done and hold the button A to get back of the last screen. Now review all the settings that everything is correctly or not and make turn off your Xbox console.

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