How to Install and Configure Belkin Router Using MAC

Hello, Please let me know that how to install and configure Belkin router using Mac. I am facing some issue in Belkin router configure in MAC. Help me.

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Install And Configure Belkin Router Using Mac:

Are you looking for help to Configure Belkin Router Using Mac? Over the years, most of the general users requests the procedure to set up and configure Belkin router using a Mac computer. They face troubles regarding router technology in the initial stage. So, this step by step guide discusses the steps to setup Belkin wireless Router Using Mac in easy steps.

Quick Steps to Configure Belkin Router Using Mac-

We have heard your request, not to worry. Now, here we have come up with specific steps about how to setup Belkin router using the Mac PC. You just need to follow the steps in order and we assure you that after following this you will be able to setup and install Belkin WiFi with your Mac system.

Steps to Install Belkin Router-

To start router installation, you must have a stable internet connection from your ISP, a system and an Ethernet cable.

  1. Plug the router into source and switch it ON.
  2. Connect your modem to Belkin router using ethernet cable.
  3. Connect computer to the router using another ethernet cable.
  4. Once the Belkin router is connected with computer, open any web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer And type into the address bar and press the Enter button.

Note: You can setup the Belkin wireless router on any device, phone or system on which you can easily access the web browser.

Process to Configure Belkin Router Using Mac-

In order to configure the Belkin wireless router with Mac, we will recommend you to follow these steps –

  • In case, you have purchased a new Belkin router then take it out from the package box and plug in to a power outlet.
  • If you are using the old Belkin router then its best to reset the Belkin router using the reset key provided at its back side.
  • Now, you can connect the Belkin router with the modem using the internet cable.
  • Great Job, if you have completed all the steps discussed so far.

Now, once after you connect the Belkin router with modem, you have to restart both the devices, modem and router. Point to Note: Belkin router may or may not blink the orange light. This orange light indicates whether its working or not.

Why is Orange Light Flashing on Belkin Router?

According to most users, this light orange color code means problem from ISP(Internet Service Provider) side but actually it happens because of many other reasons such as –

  • Loose Internet Wire & Connection
  • Slow Internet Or Critical Firmware Update
  • The modem is Unsupported Or Not detected by Router
  • Router Is Not Configured Properly & Connection Type Was Correct
  • The Internet is Down From I.S.P Side

Process to Setup Belkin Router Using the Mac-

So if you have completely connected the modem with router than follow the given steps further and get the configuration done easily.

Step 1: Restart your Mac computer and refresh it before you start connecting any new wireless network.

Step 2: Look at the list of wireless connections available. You will see the new Unsecured Belkin wireless network. You can connect your Mac with it. It wont ask for any password.

Step 3: Next, you can open any installed browser in your system and enter the default URL as its default gateway of Belkin wireless router.

Step 4: Now, you will be redirected to the setup page of Belkin router. This is a web interface where you can manage all the router settings.

Step 5: You will detect the router connection. Further, follow the on-screen instructions to configure the Belkin wireless router.

Step 6: Please Setup a new SSID (Network Name) And Password (Network Password) for ensuring router security.

Step 7: Once after all the settings are done, please save the settings and wait for a min at least.

Step 8: Now Reboot your Belkin router, modem device and computer. You are now ready to connect your Mac with your new Belkin network and use unlimited internet services.

Step 9: In fact, you can connect unlimited devices such as iPhone, iPad, PS3. Connect everything with WiFi using the same password as you have setup it.

Finally, you have successfully configure Belkin Router using Mac. Hope this guide to Configure Belkin Router Using Mac works successfully.

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