How Do You Access Belkin Router's WEP Key?

I have a Belkin N600 Wireless Dual-Band N Router I am trying to wireless connect a new laptop on Windows 8. It won't accept the WEP key I have previously used. The router is cable connected to my desktop computer. How do I find out the details of the WEP key for this router or reset all??Please help me !!

Steps to Find WEP Key on Belkin Router :

1. Open a browser (the program used to access the internet). The following process worked for myself when using the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers, although I am unsure whether it will work for other browsers (eg Chrome, Safari etc).

2. Type the following into the address bar of the browser. if using a Belkin router type "". The address bar is the area where webpages are typed. It is important when typing in that there is NO https://www. before the numbers.

3. If all has gone well this should open a page that says Belkin.

4. Just click submit without typing in a password.

5. Click on a) "Wireless" or b) "settings".

6. Click on a) "Wireless security" or b) "wireless settings".

7. There should be a page with a WEP key listed.

8. Write it down/copy and use as you wish!

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How Do You Access Belkin Router's WEP Key

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