How do I Setup a Belkin Router on a MAC

I am experiencing trouble with my internet connection. My Mac seems to be connected to Belkin N wireless router but there is no network connectivity. I have connected my Mac to Belkin router through the ethernet cable but still unable to access the internet. I would love to hear solutions for how to setup Belkin router with Mac!

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Setup Belkin router on Mac -

  1. Firstly confirm that your Mac is not currently connected to the internet through an ethernet cable. Unplug the cable modem from the wall outlet and then connect the Belkin router to the cable modem. Take a network cable and insert into the cable modem and into the back of your Mac. Then take another USB cable and plug into Belkin router port that is labeled as “Ethernet”.
  2. In next step, you have to plug cable modem back into the power socket so that it can initialize. This process will take a few seconds. Confirm that your Mac is turned on to allow complete initialization.
  3. Next, launch an internet browser and then enter Belkin router’s IP address in the address bar that was provided by your router’s manufacturer. Now you are prompted to a login screen where you have to fill username and password.
  4. Now, Belkin router configuration wizard will open on your Mac. On the Belkin router configuration page, you have to input a wireless name or SSID. Although you can choose SSID as per your choice. Also, encrypt your network by entering a password. Then apply the settings.
  5. This time, disconnect the network cable from your Mac so that server can establish a temporary internet connection. Now your Belkin wireless router is configured so wireless connection is no longer needed. The wireless card that is located inside your Mac will do the work.
  6. On the Mac OS X, press right-click on Network icon that is located on the upper left side of the screen. By doing this, your Mac will now connect to the Belkin wireless router. One more thing, after clicking on the wireless icon, just choose the SSID name of your network and wait for a few seconds. Now you can enjoy hassle-free web browsing that is free of wires.
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  •   May 6, 2022