How to Setup Belkin Router With Cable Modem

I have a Cisco EPC2425 Cable Modem (UPC Ireland Broadband) and I have connected to it a Belkin Surf N150 Cable Router (F7D1301 v1 (01) ) as I wanted faster wireless speeds than the G radio in the Cisco was providing for file transfers and such. I am having a slight problem with the setup though. When I power up both devices at the same time, the Belkin starts up nearly immediately and gets its IP from the Cisco router, but the Cisco router takes ages to start up and get internet connectivity (around a minute). When it does, the Cisco can access the internet but the Belkin can't, and it displays a red light on the device. I either have to go into the Belkin admin page and renew the IP or restart it and then it works fine and the light goes green. Is there any way to set the Belkin to wait 60 seconds before requesting an IP off the Cisco? It seems daft to have to always restart the Belkin just because the Cable Modem takes half a year to get its act together. Thanks,

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Setup Belkin Cable Modem:

Many broadband cable and DSL service providers provide modems to businesses that use their high-speed Internet services. While a few modems ship with a built-in router most connect only one computer to the Internet.

If your business has a Belkin wired or wireless router you can connect it to the modem to enable multiple computers to access the Internet through the DSL or cable connection.

Connecting a Belkin router to your modem also allows you to add other devices that can expand your network even further such as print servers for sharing printers or switches to allow more concurrent computer connections.

Step 1: Shut down the computer and modem if you haven't already done so. Disconnect from the modem the end of the Ethernet cable that leads from the modem to the host PC.

Step 2: Connect an Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the rear of the Belkin router. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the modem.

Step 3: Connect the AC power adapter to the Belkin router and plug the other end into an electrical outlet or power strip.

Step 4: Power on the modem first then the host PC connected to Port 1 on the Belkin router. After the computer boots and displays the Windows desktop power on the Belkin router.

Step 5: Insert the installation disc for the Belkin router into the optical drive of the host computer. After the Belkin Wireless Router Setup window appears click the "Setup" link. Wait for the setup utility to copy needed files to Windows and complete the installation of the router software.

After the setup utility installs the application a pop-up window appears prompting you for a new network name and password for the router.

Step 6: Enter a SSID name for the router in the "Network Name SSID" field. Enter "MyBusinessNetwork" or something similar in the field. Type a new password for the router in the Password field. Use a password between eight and 12 characters in length.

To make the password difficult to guess use one that contains letters numbers and symbols. Click the "Next" button.

Step 7: Click "Exit" after the "Success!" confirmation window appears on the screen. The "Success!" confirmation window confirms the successful installation of the router and that the device is able to connect to the Internet through the modem.

Step 8: Open a Web browser on the host computer and surf the Internet as you normally would.

Step 9: Power on all other computers connected to the Belkin router. After you log in to Windows on the other computers you are able to surf the Internet through the router connection.


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Setup Belkin Wireless Cable Router:

First right click the network icon by your clock and click troubleshoot problems if that doesnt help try what I posted below.

Type https://router into your browsers address bar then at the bottom left after entering your routers internal password click "restore factory defaults" and try your wireless connection again.

If that does not work, update your routers firmware using the tool provided in the router setup.

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Setup Belkin Cable Modem:

Belkin router is a connective device. I understand this problem with Belkin router. you may want to take some quick steps for fixing this Belkin wireless cable router problem.

Don't wary just follow this steps :-

Step 1 :- Restart your modem and router.

Step 2 :- Reset the setting and reconfigure your router.

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