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How to Update Belkin Router Administrator Password?

Please let me know that how to update Belkin router administrator password. I am facing some issues while updating Belkin router password. Help me.
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Update Belkin Router Administrator Password:

You'll be prompted for a password before you can access your router's web-based configuration page. The administrator password is what it's called. If you enable this password, not all users will be able to update your router's settings right away since they will be prompted for the password.

You must reset your router if you forget the administrator password. Please keep in mind that you will lose any previously-stored settings if you do so. This implies that after restarting the router, you'll have to set it up again. 

Learn How to Change Your Administrator Password, Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1: Use an Ethernet cable to connect the PC to the router's LAN User-added image port. Take a look at the illustration below for an example:

Step 2: Go to your router's web-based configuration page. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to do so. In the Address bar, type "" and then hit [Enter] on your keyboard. If you're still having issues connecting to, go here for additional information.

Step 3: You will be routed to your router's web-based setup page. At the top of the page, click the Login option. You'll be prompted for your administrator password under the Login area.

If this is your first time using the web-based setup page, leave the Password box blank. If you've already created a password, type it in the box provided and click Submit.

Step 4: Under Utilities, choose System Settings. If you're using the Belkin Dashboard, click System Settings from the Advanced Settings drop-down menu (under Utilities).

Step 4: Enter your administrator password in the Type in existing Password > section if you already have one. Then, in the Type in new Password > and Confirm new Password > areas, type in your selected password.

When signed in to the router's web-based configuration page, the Login Timeout > option allows you to choose how long you may be idle.

When there has been no activity for a period of time, the timer begins. If you stay on the router's web-based setup page for longer than the stated time, the page will expire and you'll have to log in again to update any settings. The Login Timeout option is set to 10 minutes by default.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the User-added picture when you're finished. If your desired modifications are not implemented, you may need to upgrade the firmware on your router.

These are the most important steps to keep in mind when you want to Update Belkin router administrator password. Follow them and you can easily enjoy the services as per your needs and change the passwords whenever you feel like it.

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