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How to Configure a Belkin Router for Remote Desktop?

I have a Belkin router with a PC running XP professional. I need to connect using Remote Desktop. I am able to do this without a problem when I have the PC connected directly to my ethernet without the router.

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Most of the people get advanced in using Belkin routers across the globe. Are you a home user? Try yourself to configure a Belkin router for remote desktop. Windows remote desktop ensures that you can easily access your computer device whenever there is a need or as long you have the setup of the computer.

If you are using Belkin wireless routers Windows XP users will make to run some technical problems including remote desktop. This requires users to enter the router menu settings and provides special permission to connect with remote desktop. If router settings are not properly setup then you are unable to run a remote desktop connection.

Just follow these instructions one-by-one are as:

  1. First, click to start and then press window + R to run the program and type cmd in the given search bar and click to OK.
  2. Now type ipconfig and hit enter. Type your IP address in sequence as in the down numbers with also including decimals.
  3. Then open your web browser and type IP address in the address field as and then hit enter.
  4. Click to Login and then submitted it. There is no password created by you until n unless you have designated one of its earliest date. Enter that password which was given by the router and click to submit it.
  5. In the given firewall list select virtual Servers and select to submit.
  6. Now enter remote desktop which is as the general descriptive name.
  7. Type 3389 to both the given fields which is labeled as an inbound port.
  8. Choose both options as under TCP and UDP.
  9. In the private IP, address box click it. Enter that IP address which is already written by you in Step 2.
  10. Now type 3389 in both the fields which are labeled as a private port. Click Apply to save changes.

This makes your configuration easy simple and quick. Belkin routers are one of the most popular brands as compared to other routers. Sometimes users may find possible difficulties to configure Belkin routers for remote desktop. Hope this will enjoy configuring your Belkin router for remote desktop by following above instructions.

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