Hidden SSID in a Belkin Router

My broadband modem is connected to my desktop. I have a wired connection from my desktop to the router. Shouldn't the network that my computer connects to say granadoswifi? And when I connect to it with my psp it does say granadoswifi also if you’re searching for the ssid it could be hidden. The psp will still know it having been hooked to it in the past. You could just manually set the wireless connection on the pc if you like.

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Hide SSID on Belkin Router -

Usually, Belkin router has the capability to hide its Service Set Identifier it is well known as SSID. The SSID is the name of a router that you can see almost in your wireless connections in windows which can scan for the availability of networks. Hiding the SSID enhances security settings into the Belkin router network. If doing so it also has some potential drawbacks.

First, You Logging into Your Belkin Router

It happens only when the web-based configuration interface that enables to access your Belkin router security settings. You can also access this screen by opening your web browser and type the IP address in the address bar as usual Without changing the router default login credentials. Click to submit button without using or changing username as well as password for log in it.

How to Hiding the SSID into your Belkin router

On the left side of the screen under wireless settings, there is an option the channel and SSID this allows a configuration screen by which users can easily enable or disables the SSID into your Belkin router. Users may also hide the SSID by choosing this option. Then clear the check from the given next to broadcast SSID and click to apply changes.

What are the Advantages of Hiding SSID?

You can easily disable the SSID broadcast of your Belkin router. When you disable the SSID broadcast of a Belkin router if anyone makes to conduct a standard scan for Belkin routers by using the software connected to Windows are unable to watch a wireless network is present. This way is very simple for deter of hacker attempts. It also provides unable hackers for gaining access your wireless network without asking your permission.

Hiding the SSID comes along with Drawbacks

Thus to hide the SSID broadcast has advantages so in another hand they come along with some limitations. Therefore your broadcast does not gets invisible this can be done casual hacking attempts.

Hackers can access your SSID by using free software like InSSIDer. If you succeed to hide the SSID then you enter in each time all the new configuration information whenever you add a new device such as your PC laptops mobiles or any other etc.

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