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How to Setup Belkin Router N300?

I've a N300 router connecting to motorola modem that was all working well till yesterday. The router complains about not able to connect to internet. I tried restarting modem and router and it didn't help. I was able to connect to modem from my laptop and verified internet connectivity is good. Error Message: We're having trouble talking with your Internet Service Provider. Please restart your modem-router. We're not getting an Internet connection so let's try restarting your modem-router.

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Setup Belkin Router N300:

  1. Please reset the router by placing a pin in reset hole and push the pin slightly,  (remember you need to do this when the router is in ON state)
  2. Then connect your router to your computer using Ethernet port (this is for configuration) and also connect the ADSL cable.
  3. Open internet explorer and type in //
  4. Then it will prompt you for username and password
       Username: admin
       Passsword: password
  5. This username and password is by default.
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Setup Belkin N300 Router:

Assuming you provided the correct model number what you have is just a wireless router not a modem router combo. That's good because it'll be much easier to get everything set up.

Here's what you have to do to get everything working assuming you aren't paying for a static IP or are on some special kind of network like at a school.

Step 1: Plug in the power to the router. Then push and hold the reset button on the back with a paper clip for like 10 seconds. The lights on the front should start blinking.

Unplug the power after about a minute or when the lights stop blinking for at least 30 seconds. This will reset the router back to the default settings in case something got screwed up earlier.

Step 2: Plug the power into the router. Unplug the ethernet cable from your computer. Plug the ethernet cable that came with the router (or any cable it doesn't matter) into one of the numbered ports on the router.

Connect that ethernet cable to your computer. You should have an ethernet cable plugged into one of the numbered ports on the router and your computer's network adapter.

Step 3: Open an internet browser (internet explorer firefox chrome etc.). Type and hit enter. If that doesn't work look on the side or bottom of the router to find the default ip address.

It will likely be or When prompted to enter the user name and password both should be blank just hit enter. If not try admin admin admin admin password administrator or administrator password.

Step 4: The page that comes up is called the configuration page. You'll see a bunch of settings everywhere but there's only a few you'll need to change to get everthing working and to secure your connection.

Unfortunately I do not have access to the belkin config page and could not find a screen shot so you'll have to figure out exactly where to click on your own.

  • First find the wireless setup section on the config page. It may be called wireless security or something similar to that as well. First things first you may need to set an option somewhere on there to manual. If not continue to the next step. Next name the wireless connection.
  • There will likely be a bar called wireless network name or simply SSID. Enter a name that does not give away your location or personal information. Something such as a pet or favorite food is good for example. After that you can leave all the settings on default. Hit save or apply whatever it says.
  • Next you will need to set up the security settings. This may be on the same page you were just on or a subsection. Set the security type to WEP and use your phone number as Key 1 or passphrase or password or whatever it says. (10 digits only no dashes or parenthesis) After that hit save or apply or whatever it says.

Step 5: Find the administration password or login password settings part of the config page. Enter that same phone number for the router's password. You may also have the option to create a username.

If so use admin if not then leave it blank or never mind. Hit apply or save or w/e. If you did it right you should be prompted to login to the router. Use the new password and/or username and if that gets you back into the config page you're all done.

Final Step: Unplug the power from the router and modem. Connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the port on the router labeled internet or lan (not the numbered ones).

Leave the cable from the numbered port connected to your computer or unplug it if you are connecting wirelessly with a laptop. Plug the power into the modem wait until it starts up. Plug the power into the router wait until it starts up.

If you left the cable connected to your computer the internet should be working and you're done. If you are connectiing to the wireless with your laptop or other wireless device go to the next step.

Final step (b): Find your wireless connection utility likely in the bottom right corner of your computer if using windows or the top right if you're on a mac.

Click on it and select something to the effect of view available connections. Find your connection click on it and hit connect or ok or whatever it says. Enter your phone number digits only when prompted. It should connect and you should be all done.

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Setup Belkin N300 Router:

Belkin recently (within the last 24-48 hours) pushed out a flawed update to their routers that is rendering Belkin routers around the world inoperable.

Belkin is scrambling to correct the issue on their end but they are swamped. Most people calling official Belkin tech support are not even put on hold just immediately hung up on.

Even if Belkin produces a "fix" in a timely manner (which I wouldn't hold my breath for) users are still going to have to manually apply the update (probably via firmware) as the routers can't connect to receive it automatically.

Your options currently are to either replace your Belkin with another brand or if you don't mind going a bit out of the box manually switching the firmware to a non-Belkin third party such as DD-WRT.

If you just want to wait it out and see how this situation unfolds you'll just have to bypass the router completely and direct connect your system to your modem without the router in the chain.

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