How to Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater

How to Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater
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Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater:

Wifi is one gadget that is available almost everywhere. You step out of your house and you are in need of wifi if you do not have a mobile data plan. Even in homes or restaurants, you do not get enough range to access the free wifi.

That’s when a Wifi Repeater is used to extend the connectivity. Such repeaters are used to extend connections in every corner of the place you want your wifi to function.

D-Link repeaters are one of the most trusted and reliable brands. The technology that the repeaters use is advanced and guarantees good connectivity ranges. The installation process for the D-Link repeater is very simple and quick.

Follow the steps below to quickly install your D-Link DAP1520 WiFi repeater.

  • Plug in the DAP1520 repeater within the range of your router.
  • Click on the wireless connectivity option available on the computer and select the repeater. Enter the password which can be easily found on the repeater’s backside or on the configuration card that comes along.
  • Open your web browser and type http://dlinkap.local in the address bar.
  • The username is the Admin and the password has to be left blank. Press the Login button.
  • Select the Setup Wizard option and follow the steps as indicated. Select the manual option for setting up your repeater.
  • The next few steps are simple. Select your repeater’s name from the list, enter the password and hit continue.
  • This will automatically extend the connection and you can easily change the password or Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater.

If you’re using one such D-Link wifi repeater you might face issues while checking in its connection. Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater by following any of these methods below.

1. Check Through the Device:

You can easily check the connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater through the device itself. Find the indicator light on the front of the device. If the light is solid green then it is indicative of an excellent wireless signal. In case the light is blinking then it can be a signal of connection being established. This could happen if the WPS button is pressed.

You could also find an amber light instead of a green one. Solid amber light is indicative of a weak signal. And blinking amber light signifies no connection with the router.

This is how you Check Connection D-Link DAP1520 WiFi Repeater on the device.

2. Check Through Computer:

You can check for your D-Link wifi repeater’s connection on your computer.

Open any browser of your choice. Reach out to the D-Link Range Extender Administrator page. Login on the page with the same credentials as your Wifi device. The Home tab will indicate the status of your wifi range extender.

The list that will appear will be indicative of all the devices connected to your repeater/extender and their connection. It will also show the connection of your repeater with your router. You can click on each option and find out more about all the devices connected.

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