How to Link Your Wemo Devices to Your Google Home

Please let me know that how to link your Wemo devices to your Google Home. I am facing some isues in this. Help me.
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Link your Wemo Devices to Your Google Home :

Operating your bedroom lights to the doorbell to cameras from one single app has been a kind of problem for which people have been pretty vocal and demanding so far, but with the option of pairing your Wemo device with Google Home becoming available.

You can now have all your electronic gadgets or fixtures in your home easily controlled by virtue of linking your Wemo devices with your Google Home application. So to get this two-fold pairing done just follow the step-by-step user-friendly guide presented hereunder.

1 - Pre-Linking Process

Step 1 - Before initiating the pairing process, first ensure that you already have one Wemo device set up and is operational too.

Step 2 - Next you just have to set up your Google Home Virtual Assistant by adding it as a new device and naming it as per your convenience.

2 - Linking Your Wemo Device with Your Google Home App

Step 1 - Just launch your Google Home application and tap on the plus sign.

Step 2 - Now under the “Add to Home” section simply tap “Set up device” to take the pairing process forward.  

Step 3 - Now choose the “Have something already set up?” option.

Step 4 - Now you will be redirected to a list of devices that you can link with Google Home.

Step 5 - Then after selecting Wemo, add the Email address and password of your Wemo account.

Step 6 - Now tap on Allow Access.

Step 7 - When the Wemo device is linked, it will exhibit different Wemo devices that can be associated with. Just select any given device you want to add first. And, then click Next.

Step 8 - Now select the area where your Wemo device is kept in your home. Please note that if you have several Wemo devices linked to your Google Home application, you will have to choose the location of all such Wemo devices.  

Step 9 - After the pairing is accomplished, all your Wemo devices will be shown in your Google Home application. Now you can make the room lights brighter or dimmer, or you can switch on or off your camera, or you can go on to control any device listed on Google Home App.

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