How Do I Set Up a Belkin Router As a Range Extender?

The Belkin router can be used as a range extender to enhance the wifi signal strength in every corner of your house. You can set up your Belkin router in two different modes. The first mode is the wireless distribution system (WDS) mode. With the help of this mode, you can establish a wireless network within the required range when more than one router is being used.

The second one is bridge mode. In this mode, the router is used as a wireless bridge to form a connection with another router wirelessly.  If you want to set up your Belkin router with the help of wireless distribution system (WDS) mode then follow the required steps carefully. 

How to Set Up a Belkin Router As a Range Extender?

Before setting up a Belkin router as a range extender be ready with the following things-

  • Make sure you have a Belkin Wifi range extender.

  • A wifi network, router’s network name also known as SSID, and a wireless network password. 

  • A device capable of establishing a wifi network. 

Complete Process to Set Up a Belkin Router As a Range Extender

  • Connect your range extender to a power outlet that is kept within the range of the router’s wireless network. 

  • With the help of your operating device (computer, phone, etc) establish a connection with Belkin. setup network. If you cannot locate the network then try to reset the range extender. 

  • Open your web browser and search for Belkin. range or "" in the search bar and hit enter.

  • You will now come across a login page where you have to enter the password details and hit the "login" option. 

  • You now have access to the setup page of your Belkin router. Note down the MAC address of your router listed under the LAN settings. 

  • You have to now click on "channel and SSID" and note the Channel number and SSID. 

  • Under the wireless section on the left pane there is an option for' wireless bridging "Click on it. 

  • Tap on the checkbox situated next to the "enable wireless bridging " option. Tap on the checkbox box situated next to the "enable only specific access point to connect " option. 

  •  Now type the" Mac address " of your Belkin router in the list of boxes situated next to AP1. In case you are using a different router then add its Mac address in the AP2 box.

Lastly, save the changes.