How Do I Protect My Wifi From Neighbors?

Protect Your Wifi From Neighbors

It can be pretty annoying when you are working, and the internet speed slows down because some intruders have access to your wifi network. There might be many reasons behind it. One of the main reasons is that you haven't changed your default password, which allows your neighbours to use your Wi-Fi by entering the default password of your router. This is quite easy to decode if they know which router model you own.

It is always a better idea to change the default password and create a new, stronger one for security purposes. Also, if your Wi-Fi is not protected by any password, you have to secure it by creating a password. Why should anyone benefit from the internet connection service that you are paying for?

Due to this, the bandwidth gets weaker, which results in a restricted speed limit and slow workflow.

How to Protect Your Wi-Fi from Neighbors?

It is important to protect your Wi-Fi from intruders because it ensures privacy, prevents security risks, and secures internet speed. 

To protect your wifi from the neighbours, you can do the following things-

Try Changing the Wifi Password

  • You first have to log in to your router and access the router's web interface. 
  • If you haven't changed your default password, then try to change it and create a strong password. A strong password is created by mixing uppercase and lowercase letters with special characters and numbers.
  • Do not keep one password for a longer period; keep changing the password regularly. 

Try Updating the Router's Firmware

  • Visit the official website of your router manufacturer and regularly check for new firmware updates.
  • It is crucial to use updated firmware for better security and safety.

Try Hiding Your Wifi Network Name (SSID)

  • Your Wi-Fi network name will be less visible if you hide it. Hence, the number of potential intruders will decrease.
  • It will not completely hide or prevent access but will add an extra layer of protection.

Select a Router That Supports WA3

If your existing router supports WPA3, then it can enhance security. It is the latest encryption protocol for wifi networks.

Consider Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With the help of VPN encryption, it is hard for an intruder to intercept. You should consider using a VPN while connecting to public wifi networks.