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How to Setup Apple Airport Wifi Extender?

Hello, Please let me know how to setup Apple AirPort WiFi extender? I am facing some issue to setup Apple AirPort WiFi extender. Can anyone have any idea?

Apple WiFi Extender Setup :

Apple Airport WiFi extender is used to extend the range of your wireless network by using airport utility to setup wireless connection among several wireless stations or you can connect them using Ethernet cable to create a roaming network.

Apple Airport WiFi extender is typically a base station that connects to the modem and the gateway address to the internet. It is common for the primary WiFi base station to provide the DHCP service for this wireless network. 

Suppose you have Apple WiFi extender and you want to use it but you are not aware to setup Apple airport WiFi extender. So in this blog, we are explaining step by step guide to setup Apple airport WiFi extender.

Setup Apple AirPort WiFi Extender:

Note: one important thing that we are explaining this step by step procedure to setup for airport express, but this is quite similar for airport extreme. You will find most recent setup instructions 

  • First you need to find a spot for your apple airport express with close reach of your receipt printer. you need to plug it into the power outlet and turn it on
  • On your ipad home page, click on the setting and then Wi-Fi. Wait for your iPad to search the list of nearby wireless network( this might take a couple of minutes)
  • In the setup of new airport base station section, you are required to tap on airport express option

Note: if you are not able to see the airport express option, try to reset the airport express device back to its original setting. Use the end of a pen or a straightened paper clip to hold down the reset button on the back of the unit for a couple of seconds. 

  • Now you will get airport screen setup screen and airport utility begins together with the information of your network.

  • When the next setup screen display, you will get the provision to add the airport with the existing network or creating an entirely new network for the airport

  • To add your airport with existing network, click on the other options and then click on next

Note: you should create a new network only if you are setting it up your whole internet connection for the very first time. If you have other airport installed on your network, you might also see the options to replace them and restore the previous setting.

  • Now look through the list of displayed network to locate the one which you want to join. You are required to tap on it and then tap on the next.

  • Now in the device field, you need to enter recognizable name for your airport express and add password to keep it secure.

Note: each of your passwords should be unique. Do not use the same password for more than one account if the accounts are related to each other.

  • When you are finished with the following steps, you need to tap on the next to move on the next screen.
  • If you are prompted to save the password, tap on the save option to save the password
  • Airport express configure itself based on your current setting. When the setup is complete, you will get a message which indicates that airport has been joined with your network. When you see this kind of message, you need to tap on the done button to complete the setup.

  • You can use the apple airport utility to see a graphical representation for your Airport network.

Use of Apple Airport Utility:

You can download airport utility free of charge from any apple store. This utility provides convenient, visual ways to manage your networked apple devices.

  • View graphical representation of your network 
  • Change in the network setting for an apple airport
  • Remove an airport from your network.

When you have installed this utility, tap on this icon then this utility open to show the airports you have connected to the internet.

Change in the Network Setting:

  • First open the airport utility on your ipad
  • Tap the image of the airport which you want to change. You can view the network settings and password information. To change the information, tap on edit and then tap on done when you are finished.

Remove Airport from Your Network:

  • Open airport utility
  • Hold down the reset button on the back of the airport. You will see an alert icon which is next to the utility screen.

  • Now you can install airport on other network and reinstall it on this later and setting will be safe.
  • To completely remove, delete the setting. Tap on this image and tap on forgot. 

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How to Setup Apple Airport Wifi Extender

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