Setup Apple Airport Express with iPad

An Apple Airport Express Router is the most popular brand product by an Apple Inc. It is an innovative and a stunning technology of Apple. Apple Airport Express Routers was released 21 July 1999. It is a Wi-Fi base station which allows to share several devices with your computer to a Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

These Apple Airport Express routers are expensive as compared to other routers. By using these Apple Airport Express Routers we can able to connect speakers printers with the help of an iPad or iTunes and this makes our work easier and faster. Apple Airport Express Router are generally founds to be success in business organization and for home users.

By following these instructions manually you can easily setup Apple Airport Express Router with iPad as mentioned below. Go to the complete process of setting your Apple Airport Express with iPad.

  1. Take first step to plug an Apple Airport Express Router to any of an electric socket from where you can easily access the device.
  2. After this Take your iPad and go to wireless settings and select Wi-Fi and then select setup Apple Airport Express Router.
  3. Then it will asks you a username and password. Just simply type a name in the field of a username and type a password into the field of password.
  4. Then next step it will suggested you to download an Apple Utility App in your iPad or in iPhone.
  5. After completing your panel settings this will appear that you have Connection Static IP address and version of your Apple Airport Express Router as well as Network name which you have already configured.
  6. On the top of the right corner of the screen click to edit.
  7. There are many other option for your router these options can be according to your router's model.
  8. First step you can go to Base Stations which should be order to change its name and password of your Airport Express Router. This password should be different from your above setting password.
  9. The important part of its configuration for an Apple Airport Express Router is Network.