How do I Secure My Apple Airport Router

I have a ACER laptop, a Compaq laptop, and a Compaq Presario Desktop, two printer's. Want to connect all of them through an APPLE Airport Express. But Main issue is security, how i manage it's security while m connect all of things. Can you help?

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Secure Apple Airport Router:

Apple Airport Router can be secured in a number of ways, here we will discuss these methods in detail. So, follow these instructions carefully to Secure your Apple Router.

Disable WAN Setup: Disabling WAN settings allows the user to apply updates within the network, i.e user might not have to fear about malicious files when updating the Airport router. This setting allows the user to apply changes in the network without the fear of getting hacked.

Set a hidden Network name: This setting allows the user to hide its Airport network name from outside users. This setting makes sure that only the devices which have permission can locate and see your network name. This setting is available under Airport Configuration > Wireless > Wireless Network Options.


Use WPA2 Encryption: Wifi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is considered to be the safest mode of settings in the current generation of wireless encryption. It is based on IEEE 802.11i which has government-grade data encryption. These settings can be found and changed from Airport Configuration under the wireless setting.

Choose a strong Password: Password is the key to the security of your Airport router, so make sure to assign a password which is strong and difficult for others to crack but you can remember it easily.

Apple provides a password assistant to guide you on how to set up a strong password for your network.

Follow these instructions and make sure to create a password containing uppercase, lowercase and a numerical and have at least 10-20 characters. When setting up the WPA2, click on the key icon to get password assistance

Make a MAC address filter: This setting ensures that only those devices whose MAC address is saved on your network can access your Apple Airport Router.

So make sure to use a limited number of devices as it is not easy to maintain the MAC address of hundreds of devices.Go to Wireless Settings > Airport Configuration > Plus Sign. Click on the “plus” sign to add new devices to your network.

These are some of the techniques to secure your Apple Airport Router. Hopefully, these steps helped you in Securing your Airport Router. In case you have any difficulty in understanding or if you are not able to follow any steps, kindly revert back with your query for further assistance.

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To secure the Apple Airport router, change your wireless network’s name, password, and security setting.

Change the name and password of Apple Airport Router

Although Apple AirPort router provides a safe and secure internet connection. Still, if you want to go the extra measure, then create a password that is stupendously difficult for anyone else to guess, but easy enough for you to remember.

For this process, navigate to AirPort Utility which is located in the Utility folder in the Applications folder. Now go to Graphical Overview and choose that base station which you want to configure. After this click on the Edit option. Now you have to enter a password for the base station.

Next, click Wireless and modify the Wi-Fi network name. Enter a unique name in the Wireless Network Name field. If you want the Wi-Fi password to be remembered in your macOS Keychain then choose “Remember Password in keychain” and save the changes.

Modify the security setting of your Apple Airport Router

1. Go to Applications> Utilities folder> Airport Utility.

2. In the Graphical Overview, select the base station you want to configure, then click Edit. You may need to enter a password for the base station.

3. Now click on the Wireless option. After this, click on the Wireless Security pop-up menu and choose a security method. Although experts recommend WPA/WPA2 security method.

4. To save the wireless password in the macOS keychain, choose “Remember this password in my keychain.”

5. In last, save your settings by clicking on the Update button.

Now your Apple Airport router is safe and you can easily connect to your ACER laptop, Compaq laptop, Compaq Presario Desktop and also printers.

If you need any help with Apple Airport router then approach experts at Apple Technical Support Number.

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