How Open DNS with Airport Express Router?

My internet connection takes forever to initially connect via Airport Express Router. When I plug right in it's fine. Actually, I am trying to configure Open DNS and have entered all the required information. But my problem is that I have greyed out at the top of my DNS servers that I've entered. I have also put DNS servers in the utility mode so that information is stored on my Airport Express Router. I have also put the openDNS on top but don’t know how to move the greyed out DNS that's there. Is there any way to remove that? My Devices - MBP Leopard, Airport Express, DSL modem Please be very basic on me, I'm pretty lost.

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Hello, Andrew, It seems that you are not able to configure your DNS settings as you have mentioned that it has been grayed out. The reason it might have been greyed could be because of automatic DHCP settings. I will discuss a detailed description on how to configure or re-configure the open DNS settings on your Airport Express router. Kindly follow the set of instructions provided below carefully:

Step 1:
First Switch on your PC and open the Airport Utility application on your computer. The application window will open up, now click on the Airport Express icon on the screen, you will notice a pop-up message appear detailing all the configuration and status of your router.

Step 2:
Now, look at the top of the window, you will notice a tab for "Edit" option, click on it. Now the settings tab will open up.

Step 3:
On the main settings tab Window, click on "Internet" and the settings tab for internet related configuration will appear.

Step 4:
Enter the details of your primary server and secondary server in their respective fields. The details of OpenDNS, as well as Google DNS, has been listed below, use either of them as per your needs and requirements.

Open DNS: and
Google DNS: and

Step 5:
Click on Update, to update your DNS settings.

Now your router will restart and change of settings will be applied.All your devices connected to the Airport Express will use the same server specified you earlier.

Make sure you are not using your Airport Express in Bridge Mode, In bridge mode, OpenDNS might not work.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving your DNS issues on your Airport router. In case you have any further doubts or issues regarding the same, then feel free to revert back and I will try to fix it.

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How Open DNS with Airport Express Router?

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