Why Apple Router Blinking Orange Light

Please let me know that why Apple router blinking orange light. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Apple Router Blinking Orange Light:

Apple has recently launched its new router and has been in the news for quite some time. After launching an entire range of iPhones, it has expanded its catalog by releasing other gadgets like Airpods, Wifi, and the Apple Watch.

Apple's new sixth-generation router, AirPort Extreme Base Station is new and improved. It is compact and has a sophisticated artistic appeal to it. This AirPort Extreme Base Station router is amongst the fastest router to date and supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. 

The price justifies the look that it carries and if you have 802.11ac enables devices like MacBook Air, the speed will amaze you. Although it has the same ports and a familiar setup, the process of getting it started could be tedious for anyone using it for the first time.

Here’s how you can set up your Apple Router in quick and easy steps.

1. Connect the Router to Your Modem Physically:

  • Plug in the router to the socket and connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the base station.
  • After this, plug it into a DSL or cable modem.

2. Use MAC to Set up the Base Station:

  • If you’re using a MAC, click on the Wifi option from the menu and choose the base station available under the New Base Station list. 
  • The network will get connected on its own and in case no network is found it will create a new network as the best possible solution. 
  • Follow the steps as prompted on-screen and the router will be set up in no time.

3. Use iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Setup Base Station:

  • On either of these devices, go to Settings and then click on Wifi. 
  • A list of networks might appear under the Set up new AirPort base station and you need to click on your base station. 
  • Follow the prompts as guided on the screen.

Now, many users have reported an issue of the amber light blinking on the router. When you first switch on the base station there’s a sequence of light that will follow. First, the green light will flash. This indicates that the base station is receiving power.

Then the light starts blinking orange which indicates that the station is trying to acquire an internet connection. When the Apple Router Blinking Orange issue arises there can be multiple reasons.

To resolve this issue you can follow the methods below. 

Step 1: In case the router was reset, it could be blinking orange. For this, you need to re-configure the router.

Step 2: The Airport Utility Tool can be used to fix the Apple Router Blinking Orange issue.

Step 3: If the internet connection is down in your location, that could also lead to the Apple Router Blinking Orange. For this, you can connect to your local internet provider to confirm the issue.

Step 4: If the router is set far away from the primary base station you can move the router closer.

Step 5: If the issue of Apple Router Blinking Orange still persists, try updating the firmware of the router. 
These are a few of the methods that can be tried to fix the blinking orange light of the Apple router.

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