How to Enhance Wi-Fi Performance of Airport Extreme

My internet becomes very sluggish when I use Airport Extreme in bridge mode. I think there is some problem in configuration settings. Please guide me how can I improve the performance of Airport Extreme so that I can enjoy high-speed internet in every corner of my house. Thanks in Advance!

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Airport Extreme Settings for Best Performance -

Hello Harold, if your Airport Extreme WiFi performance is too sluggish then try these methods to speed up your awful WiFi network -

Disconnect unwanted devices -

If there are too many devices are connected to your Airport Extreme WiFi network then definitely your will experience connectivity issues and this is the main reason your Airport Extreme is working slow. Under such circumstances, disconnect some of the devices and you can also add another router for optimal performance.

Lower RTS Threshold -

In various routers, RTS (request to send) is available which we can modify. RTS settings are specially designed to sort out the nuisances that occur with multiple access point on the same channel. Lower the RTS threshold value until you get the desired outcomes. You can also set RTS threshold value as “0”.

Opt for toughest encryption -


For security prospects, it is recommended to protect your device with the toughest encryption. It is suggested by experts to use “WPA2” as an encryption method because it has the advanced encryption standard that is required for a fast internet network.

Figure out frequency -

To improve your router’s performance, you need to figure out frequency. By lowering frequency value, you can improve network reach and reliability. Apple Airport Extreme routers have dual-band mode which means they can broadcast 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz at the same time.

Move the router to a central position -

To improve the signal in a particular area, change the router position. If you are using Apple router at home then place at the central location so that the signal can improve and you can enjoy the high-speed internet.

If you have tried the above methods and still Airport Extreme performance is sluggish then don’t make further efforts, just call at Apple Router and resolve all tech-hassles under expert assistance. Call us at any time as we deliver 24*7 support across the globe.

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