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How to enhance wi-fi performance of airport extreme?

My Airport Extreme is working with Time Warner Cable Modem. Everything is going fine but recently I am experiencing sluggish Wi-Fi performance from my Airport Extreme. To fix this issue, I have reset my Apple router but this also goes in vain. Is there any way to enhance the router performance? Help me!



Apply these tips to enhance Wi-Fi performance of Airport Extreme -

  • Change Wireless Channel

First of all, change the channel on your Apple router. See how -

  1. Connect your Mac to Airport Extreme and launch the Airport Utility application.

  2. After this, go to the main screen and press a click on “Airport Extreme” option.

  3. Next, tap on Wireless > Wireless Options.

 After this, select a wireless channel and save your settings.

  • Check Frequency

In the present time, the router can broadcast 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz frequency. You have to do one thing i.e, just figure out which frequency is giving you a high internet speed. Although 5Ghz signals have high bandwidth and this is the main reason it is faster than 2.4Ghz. I have also illustrated the difference through image.

  • Lower the RTS Threshold value

If there are multiple access point on the same channel then lower down RTS Threshold value. You can set RTS threshold value to 0 in Apple routers.

  • Use encryption 

For security concerns, use "WPA 2  Personal"  security only. In Apple routers, advanced encryption is needed otherwise anyone can hack your network.

Give above tips a try and let me know if you need further help. If your problem does not resolve by applying above procedures then call at Apple Router Technical Support Number.

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