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Can Airport Express Extend a Network Over a VLAN?

I have setup switches with LACP LAGs between all the key points that are available in the network. But before, I have connected a USB cable from Airport Extreme LAN port to the Airport Express WAN port. Actually, I was using Airport Express as a wired repeater for the Airport Extreme. Is anyone has used USB cable with VLAN trunk, actually I want to know how to extend Airport express network over a VLAN?

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Apple Airport Extreme Vlan:

The extension of your Airport network over the VLAN can be done by making a few changes to your settings. I will discuss those in detail in the following section, kindly follow the mentioned steps carefully.

1. Enable Guest Network: Go to your Airport Utility app select the name of your base station from the given option. A pop-up will appear on your screen, select the option for edit and then enter your SSID and Password.

Now you will be redirected to the main tab, here choose wireless settings and enable the "Guest Network" from there. Make sure to keep the security to none as otherwise,

You have to enter the details for every guest device connecting to the network.

2. Enable VLAN 1003:
This is required in case your router is not directly connected to your Airport Express.

So, choose all the ports of the VLAN as PVD1 in order to make it as a single network output for your guest router as shown in the picture.

3. Configure Your Router as Per Guest Network: Once you have assigned the VLAN for the guest network it will start receiving signals from your Airport Express but unless you configure your router for the VLAN settings there won't be much use of the data.

The settings and configuration should be done as per your router.

Go to "My Network" > "Connection" > "Add".

This will be your bridge network and work as an amplifier for the data received on your Airport router.

Name the new network as per your choice and Enter 1003 as VLAN ID.

CHange the IP address settings to "Use the following IP" and create a subnet as per your ISP or current network.

4. Secure Your Network: Add essential security settings to this router bridge if you want to otherwise you can opt for the change in settings while creating VLAN network.

Hopefully, these methods helped you in creating a network over the VLAN. In case you have any further doubts or queries regarding the same then feel free to reply back and I will try to help you out.

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