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Why is My Airport Extreme Heating?

My Apple Airport Extreme has been flashing a warning message for quite sometime stating that it is overheating. Earlier I kept it behind my iMac so kept it in much open space but the problem persists. The router is hardly an year old and firmware is up-to-date too. What is the issue behind it?

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Airport Extreme Overheating -

Implications of overheating -

When your Airport Extreme overheats then you should understand the built-in cooling system are not functioning appropriately. When a router gets overheated then various technical troubles arise such as slow internet connection, weak signal, WiFi signal drops.

Due to this apple airport extreme overheating problem, the user faces trouble while surfing the internet, streaming videos etc. When a router gets too much overheat then this can damage internal components.

Placement -

When you place your Airport Extreme at the soft surface like the carpet then the vents of router get blocked and because of which a router gets overheated. For best performance, it is suggested by experts to place Airport Extreme on a hard surface so that its fans can function properly.

Cooling Pad -

A low-tech method to keep your Apple Airport Extreme use a cooling pad. When you place your Apple Airport Extreme on the cooling pad then it will help to stop airport overheating and your device will deliver optimum performance.

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