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Airport express not responding after reset?

I have tried to reset (soft hard and factory default) my Airport Express using the instructions posted on the Apple support site but nothing seems to work. I followed the instructions to the letter but it just won't reset for me. I think maybe the reset button is broken.
Has anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions on what I could try?
Anyone know how to gracefully open up the case without cracking all the plastic? (i.e. how do the service technicians do it?)



If your Airport Express router is not responding after reset then check these points that are illustrated here -

1.Test wireless interference - Although the wireless network is amazing problem arise when there exist electromagnetic waves. In that situation, try to connect your Apple Express router by using an ethernet cable. Choose an ethernet cable with fine quality and connect your system to it. It might be possible that your problem gets resolved after connecting devices through an ethernet cable.

2.Swap out network components - Sometimes, network performance gets poor if there is some problem with network components. In that circumstances, you should replace the faulty components with new ones. After changing network components, network performance can improve.

3.Check bandwidth - If you are watching videos on Youtube and the same time you are downloading large files then definitely network speed get affected. To solve such problems, I recommend performing one task at a time. When one task gets finished then start the next one. You can also buy more bandwidth by contacting your ISP.

4.Use Apple’s Wireless Diagnostics - You should use Mac OS X’s built-in wireless diagnostic utility to check transmission rate, signal quality, and noise levels.

See how to use Apple’s Wireless Diagnostic -

1.First of all, open Wireless Diagnostic.

2.To run a report, go to Menu and then tap on Window> Performance.

Now, you will see graph on your screen that describes transmission rate, signal quality, and noise levels.

5. Change WiFi channel -

  • Firstly open Utility and then tap on Applications.

  • After this, go to Airport Utility and click on your router.

  • Now, tap on Edit and then hit a click on the Wireless option.

  • Next, click on Radio Channel and choose a new radio channel from the drop-down.

  • At last, save the settings. Now, your Apple Airport router will reboot and the settings will get saved.

If still experience any issue with your Apple router then get Airport Express Router Help by calling on Airport Express Router Technical Support Number.



Hello I'll be happy to help you with this.

It sounds like your Airport Express needs to be configured to work with the new router. To do this you'll need to know your wireless network name (SSID) and encryption information (WEP WPA or WPA2; along with the security key password or passphrase) used on the new router. To set the Airport Express up for the new router you'll need to connect it to your OS X computer with an ethernet cable run the Airport Utility configure it then you will be able to remove the ethernet cable and move the Airport Express unit to where you need them to be.

Also note that if you're using the Airport Express to extend your wireless network (which it sounds like you are) this only works with the Airport Extreme Base Station the Time Capsule or another Airport Express. If you're just making the Airport Express a node in your wireless network to provide wireless access to a USB printer connected directly to the Airport Express then it should be configurable to work with any router.

If you would like clarification on any of these points more depth in my answer or if you have additional questions with regard to this matter please don't hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to continue to lend a hand.



Blinking amber means it's not configured right or not configured at all.
Could also just be a warning message.
Connect it to your computer with an ethernet then use the airport utility to FACTORY RESET it from the Apple Menu Bar.
Then remove the ethernet and use your WiFi to pick it up again and re-set it up from scratch.

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