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Forget Username and Password of My Apple Airport Router?

I am trying to recover username and password of my Apple Airport router on my iMac.When I opened Keychain access and search for my device using “Airport” nothing appears on the screen. One of my friends suggested me to update my Airport Utility but after updating Airport Utility problem is still same. Actually, my friend has set up my router and I have no idea what was username and password. Is there any way to reset Apple Airport’s username and password.

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Reset Airport Extreme:

If you have forgotten Apple Airport Username & Password then you can try these things -

Soft Reset Apple Airport-

By performing a soft reset on Apple Airport router, all security features will get disabled (including access control & radius settings) for 5 minutes and in this time period you can easily join the network & make the desired changes.

If due to any reason you are unable to make any changes then the base station then the base station will revert to its former settings.

  1. Connect base station to the power supply and hold the reset button for 1 second.
  2. Then go to menu bar and click on WiFi status menu. Then choose your WiFi network that is created by your base station.
  3. Navigate to the Applications folder and then tap on Utility > Airport Utility. In Airport Utility, click the icon of your base station and then tap on Edit button.
  4. Now change your base station's username and password and click on Update button when everything gets complete.

Hard Reset Apple Airport extreme

You can perform the hard reset when your base station is unresponsive. Although a hard reset will reset the base station to an unconfigured state but retain the last saved configuration and also allow you to restore your router to previous settings.

  1. Connect your base station to the power supply and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds. Wait for 1 minute so that your base station can restart.
  2. Then open Airport Utility that is located in Applications folder> Utility folder.
  3. Tap on “WiFi devices” button and choose your base station from the list.
  4. Next, tap on Edit>Other Options>Restore Previous Settings. Once you see “Setup is complete” message, click on Done.

Follow These Steps to Change Wireless Password on Your Apple Airport Router -

  • First of all, you have to open Airport Utility by clicking on Applications> Airport Utility.
  • Now your device will be shown on your system’s screen, just click on it and then tap on Edit button.
  • Then tap on Wireless. Now you can check all WiFi settings that you have made earlier.
  • In the next step, move to the box labeled as “Wireless Password” and enter a different password in it.

  • Also, confirm the password by entering same values in the box labeled as “Verify Password”. In fact, if you wish to change wireless network name and security type then you can change them also.
  • Once you have changed the wireless password,
  • Click on Update button to save entire settings.
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How to Reset Airport Extreme:-

First Option -  Using Keychain Access

If you don't want to change the password, then you can possibly retrieve the password from the OS X Keychain, as follows:

Run the Keychain Access utility found in \Applications\UtilitiesIn the left-side window, under Keychains, select "login." In the same window, under Category, select "Passwords."

For the Wireless Security Password

Try this one option, Under the "Name" column, look for your Wi-Fi network's Network Name (or BSSID). The base station wireless security password entry will have a "Kind" of "apple airport router network password."Double-click on your network name listing.

Click on "Show password."Enter your Mac's administrator account's password.Your Wi-Fi network's wireless security password should not be displayed. Now See another one.

For the Base Station's Administrator Password

Move on another option i.e. Under the "Name" column, look for your base station's name. The base station administrator's password entry will have a "Kind" of "AirPort base station password."Double-click on your base station name listing.

Click on "Show password."Enter your Mac's administrator account's password.Your base station administrator's password should now be displayed.

Second Option -  Using the Mac AirPort Utility from a Mac

Run the  Mac AirPort Utility and  Select the AirPort base station, then select Edit option, Now From the AirPort Utility's menu bar, select Base Station > Show Password and userename.

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