How to Configure and Reset Airport Express

Please let me know that how to configure and reset Airport express. I am facing some issues while doing reset Airport Express. Help me.
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Airport Express is a Wi-Fi station that helps users to establish connection with a wide range of devices like iPads, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and personal computer to the network in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless band. It is a product of Apple Inc. In order to configure and reset Airport Express you need to follow certain steps like utilize the airport setup assistant and establish the connection.

Then plug in the AC adapter and establish a connection after locating Application/utilities. Configure and share the internet access and upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Now the setup wizard appears and chooses the WPA/WPA2 personal option.

Select the update and restart the configuration and finally establish a connection with the new wireless network. Hence your Airport Express has been configured and reset.

In other words, Airport Express is a Wi-Fi base station that is relatively compact & simple as it offers a simpler configuration of Airport Express Router & it allows the user to establish a connection with a wide range of devices such as-

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • iPod touch
  • Mac
  • Personal computer

The next part of the article will explain to you how to configure & reset  Airport Express, the ways to reset it, & establish the connection of the device with another router.

Configuration of the Airport Express

Below are the steps that are related to the procedure that involves the configuration of airport express. Let’s take a look-

Step 1: Utilize the Airport setup assistant for Mac OS X & in the case of Windows XP, use Airport Express Assistant.

Step 2: Now, establish the connection of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on Apple Airport Express.

Step 3: After plugging in the AC adapter in an electrical socket, simply switch it on.

Step 4: Make sure that the wireless adapter of the computer is switched on. Now, from the drop-down of the available networks, establish a connection with the Apple Airport Express.

Step 5: In case if the user is operating with the Mac, then open the Airport Setup Assistant after locating Application/Utilities. In case the user is using Windows XP, then simply he should open the Airport Express Assistant by using the Start menu.

Step 6: Then the Airport Express involves configuring & sharing the internet access by using the onscreen instructions.

Step 7: After this, the setup assistant will prompt the user to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. After accomplishing this task, click on Continue.

Step 8: After this, the setup wizard asks to enter a Base Station Name & Password. After entering these, click on continue.

Step 9: After choosing the WPA/WPA2 personal option put in the desired network name, wireless password & then verifies it. You can now proceed further after clicking on Continue. 

Step 10: The subsequent screen located on the setup wizard will review the setup information & after that, you have to select update.

Step 11: After getting the Airport Express base station configured, just restart the configuration so that it can be effective.

Step 12: Finally, after all these steps, you can establish a connection with the new wireless network with a proper password.

How to Reset an Apple Airport Express Router?

Initially, there might be problems faced by the user when an Airport Express needs to be reset to its default state. Generally, the user may face issues such as he/she might forget the password or another problem that the user may incur is that the device may not function properly.

The Airport Express reset is of the following types-

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • Factory Default Reset

So, above were the steps involved to configure & reset Airport Express.

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