How does a Wireless Router Work?

Wireless Router is the hardware device which is used to connect your personal computer and other connected device like your phone or ipad with internet without any type of wires. You do not need to connect your computer with router using any type of wire in wireless connectivity.

A wireless router will allow user to connect internet wirelessly with some other devices without any kind of subscription. User can easily connect with network within the range of approximate 100 meters.

Usually connecting devices are required network name and password to connect with router wirelessly. If you have installed wireless router at your home, you can access internet through wireless router from anywhere and anytime with in the wireless range.

Type of Wireless Router:

There are two type of wireless router which are developed for end user to keeping different kind of needs. The first type of wireless router is designed to allow you to connect your personal computer with network within a single house held as long as computer which is place in the wireless range.

This type of router allows you to access your internet remotely. The second type of wireless router is mainly designed for office application and it is for very broad area. Wired router is much cost effective than the wireless router. Wireless connection are more convenient and more reliable as compared with wired network.

Remote Connection Without a Wire:

A wireless router works on plugging base set into your internet connection, which allows your computer to access the internet. Wireless router enable to you work online with your computer without having to connected with any kind of wired.

But they are also allow to connect your computer with wired network. By using wired connection, you can simply connect your router with computer using Ethernet cable.

Connect Computer with Standalone Network:

There are so many ports in the router in your router which determines that how many computers can be run off that router in simultaneously and access the single broadband connection.

Basically a router is a junction box that joins many computers with same network. A modem is built into the router which connects computer either wirelessly or through wired network.

Working of Wireless Router:

As like the wireless cellular phone, wireless router is hooked up with cable. Internet connection use radio signal frequency wave instead of telephone line to transmit and receiving signals. This radio wave allows you to send data from one end to another end. First data is to be transformed from computer data into radio signal and then transmitted.

A wireless router first receive the signal and decode those signal and then send that decoded signals to the internet using a wired connection. The router can receive information from the internet also. Taking information from internet or transmitting information to the internet is the two way process. Router is directed connected with internet.

As we discussed that router can receive information from internet and transform into radio signals and send back to the computer. In easy manner we can say that it is two way radio signal communication between your router and internet. Your radio and television program also works on same mechanism.

How to Connect Devices with Wireless Router:

To connect devices with wireless router, you will be prompted to enter username and password on your devices. These username and password usually supplied to you by your internet service provider.

If you are not able to connect your device wirelessly, you need to confirm your password with your internet service provider. Mostly the password contains some digit and characters which enforce high security of passwords.

What Else can Your Wi-Fi Do?

Other than connecting internet, you can use your router to make call over internet and you can save your expensive phone’s bill, you can use your home Wi-Fi to access your digital TV using some products like Apple TV, Amazon fire stick and smart TV.

How to Choose Best Wireless Router:

If you have taken very basic plan from your internet service provider like ADSL package, than you have to given very simple router by your internet service provider. However, if you have sign up for fibre optics broadband, you might get better model router with more advance features.
There are Some Advance Wireless Router Which are Given Below.

  • BT Smart HUB.
  • Virgin media super hub3.
  • Sky Q Hub, TalkTalk Hub.

This is the detailed document on how does wireless router works, how many types of wireless router and some basic explanation about your wireless router.

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