How to setup d link router?

How to set up D-link Router? To setup a D-Link Router in your Computer then follow the steps as mentioned below:- - To plug one end of an Ethernet cable in themodem. - Then to plug the other end into the WAN port on the back of a D-Link wireless router. - To connect wired computers for any Ethernet ports on the router by using another Ethernet cable. To access the D-Link Configuration Screen follow these steps: - To open the web interface and type http// then press enter or return - To use an Admin as the username and leave the password field blank when the login screen appears - Press OK and then you should configure D-Link screen. To set up the General Security then go to the following steps: - To change your administrative password then click on tools tab and to choose the Admin button. Press enter for a new password under the administrator heading. To confirm it and then apply. - To disable the wireless Local Area Network ifthere is no need to use the wireless access and make sure that no one is ableto access your network. - Then under the home tab choose Wireless and toselect the off option. To Enables the Wireless Encryption Protocol: - To Locate the Home tab in the D-Link configuration screen and then press the wireless button. - Then to use the open system button beside Authentication. - Then to select the enabled button next to WEPand to set the encryption key to 128 bit. - To set the key type to ASCII and to choose a 13digit password for the key 1 field. - And then mention the password in a securelocation. Go to apply.

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