How to Fix the Verizon Router Yellow Light Issue?

Verizon router is one of the most popular and reliable networking devices available in the market today. This router is backed by Wi-Fi 6 technology. Moreover, it enables you to carry out various bandwidth-intensive tasks such as heavy file transfers, gaming, 4K content streaming, video conferencing, etc. Verizon offers its users a lease option where they can rent a router by paying monthly charges or if you wish to own the router, you need to buy it from Verizon.

This networking device has numerous outstanding features. However, users combat technical complexities while using these routers. One such technical complexity is the Verizon router's yellow light. 

Why am I facing a Verizon router yellow light problem?

Verizon router's yellow light indicates internet connection problems. You may face this problem if your wires are loosely connected or damaged from somewhere. You may also encounter this issue if there is a temporary outage. Router overheating is also one of the causes leading to Verizon router's yellow light problem. The presence of malware or virus can also cause this issue. Some problems with the ethernet connection can also cause this issue. 

How to Fix the Verizon Router Yellow Light Issue?

Below we have stated multiple solutions that can help you resolve the Verizon router yellow light problem. Try out these troubleshooting methods one by one and check which one works for you. 

1) Check cables and connections

In a lot of cases, a loose or disconnected wire can lead to no internet problem. To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that the wire connected to the back of your router is securely connected. In case you see any signs of damage on the connected wire, then you must get it replaced to troubleshoot your problem. 

2) Broadband test

Another thing that you should try out is to check the ethernet connection. The ethernet connection is responsible for internet service. To check the connection, you must connect it to your computer. If it connects and works with the computer but not with the router, then that means you are dealing with some software or hardware problem. Disconnect the wire, reconnect it and then check whether it resolves your problem or not. In case the problem does not get resolved, then you have to contact a technician to fix your problem. 

3) Restart your router

One of the best ways to get rid of any technical problems related to the router is to restart the router. You can either do this by disconnecting the router from the power source or turning it off. However, there are two things that you need to keep in mind when you reboot your router. 

  • If you find that your router has a backup battery, then you must remove the battery first and then restart your system. 
  • In case your router is connected to an Optical Network Terminal, then you must disconnect it. You may find this terminal outside or inside your house. 

4) Please ensure that your router is not overheating

There is a chance that you are encountering internet connection problems because of router overheating. This usually happens when you use an old router model. If you find that your networking device is burning up, then you must leave it to cool off. When you do this, you also need to remove the backup batteries. If router overheating happens regularly, then you must keep it in a place where there is no congestion. The overheating issue occurs when you keep routers near a furnace or in a cabinet. 

5) Hard reset your router

In case the above troubleshooting methods did not work, then you can try this out as a last resort. When you perform this method, your router settings return to factory defaults. To carry out a hard reset, you need to press and hold a reset button for at least 20 seconds. A hard reset provides multiple benefits such as prevention from ongoing attacks from hackers and clearing cached data. 

So, these are the different methods that you can try out to fix the Verizon router yellow light problem. If these above-stated solutions don't help you get rid of your problem, then you must run an antivirus scan and check for malware. In case, a virus attack is not the cause of your problem, then you must contact professional experts to resolve your problem.  


FAQs of Verizon Router Yellow Light

Q1. How to Reset Verizon Router?

Ans: To reset your Verizon router, you need to press and hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds.

Q2. What color should light on Verizon router be?

Ans: Your Verizon router needs to have a solid white light.