How to Secure Wireless Network Security?

Wireless network security is very important for use to prevent people from accessing your network without your permission. Most of people set up the Wi-Fi through the job to get their network working as early as possible which is quite risky as many security problems as a result. This does not mean that you should not use the wireless networking concept on your network.

You need to be smart in performing wireless network security and should adapt some basic precautions to make it more complicated for the curiosity seeker to get into your personal information. Wireless networking product does not help in this situation always as the configuration of the security might be time-consuming. This article focused on how to secure wireless network security.

Step by Step Solutions to Secure Wireless Network Security on Your Wireless Router:

Change the Login Password for your Router:

You can change the settings manually through the router setup page. This webpage is protected with the login screen like username and password. The default username and password are very easy to predict. Always change the default username and password for your router with the help of the router setup page to enhance the wireless network security.

Wireless Network Security Using Encryption Techniques Like WEP/ WPA/WPA2

There is the encryption techniques used for security purposes. This encryption technology scrabbles the message which is sent over the wireless network so that due to this encryption technique, humans cannot read this message. There are several encryption techniques are available in the market today which are more beneficial to securing your wireless network.

Naturally, you would like to use very useful and reliable encryption techniques which are the best fit for your wireless network however; all the Wi-Fi devices on your network must share the identical encryption setting. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are very much common encryption techniques used to secure the wireless network. 

Let Us Know More About WEP/WPA/WPA2:


WEP stands for wired equivalent privacy. WEP key is the security code used on the wireless network. WEP keys allow the group of the device to exchange the encoded message over the local network with each other while hiding the original content of the message from viewing by outsiders.

A WEP key is a sequence of hexadecimal digits which includes numbers from 0-9 and letters from A-F. below are some examples of WEP Keys are:

1A648C9FE2, 99D767BAC28EA22B0C0178D15


WPA stands for Wi-Fi protected access. The WPA improves the authentication and encryption features of the WEP. This security standard has been developed by the networking industry in response to some weaknesses of WEP. In simple word, you can say WPA is the enhanced version of WEP.

WPA provides stronger encryption techniques than WEP through the use of either two of the standard technologies which are TKIP (Temporal key integrity protocol) and another one is AES (advanced encryption standards) WPA also supports built-in authentication feature while WEP does not provide this feature.


WPA-2 is known as wireless protected access 2. WPA2 is the replacement of the original WPA technology. This is certified on all the wifi hardware since 2006 and it is based on the IEEE 802.11i technology standard for data encryption techniques. 

Change the Wireless Network Name:

Changing the wireless network name is another technique to secure wireless network security. For changing the wireless network name, first you need to open the setup page for your router and then change the SSID so that you can identify your own wireless network.

Enable the MAC Address Filtering on your Wireless Router:

Router or access point keeps the record of the entire connected device which is connected with them. So many products that offer the feature to the network owner a key in the MAC addresses of their home equipment which is useful in to restrict the network to allow connection for those device only. This is another kind of techniques to secure wireless network security.

You can do this, but keep in mind, in modern time, hackers are damn smart, they use the third party software program which can fake the MAC address in very easy manner. So this kind of technique is not so much powerful to Secure Wireless Network Security

Separate Network for Guest:

  • If you want to allow visitors on your network, you can provide them a separate network router with restrictions.
  • Hide the network name
  • Perfect use of firewall on your network will allow you to secure wireless network security
  • You can use virtual private network which is also useful to secure your wireless network security.
  • You can enable MAC authentication for your users also.