6 Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2024

This year, tech didn’t let anyone in the driving seat. With ChatGPT releasing on Nov 30, 2022, it was the talk of the town this year. Not only ChatGPT, but every AI product stole the limelight. 

Self-driving cars, immersive technology, and all other things contributed to this fame. Also, the previous hot topics like NFTs, crypto, and Web 3.0 saw a declining trend. 

Nevertheless, let bygones be bygones. We have a new year ahead, and with this new year, only one thing is certain: tech is going to astonish us like it did this year. Predicting the future of an industry that grows in an instant would be an uphill task. 

However, such predictions are based on what we feel is missing, or something undervalued for so long that this might be their year. So, let’s discuss what tech has to offer next year.

  1. Digital Identity Will Take Prime Importance: 

For so long, innovators have neglected digital identity. Not many will realize this, but the time has come to make the digital environment more secure. Even with all the authentications and identifications, people are still falling into the traps of scammers. 

Not only does this create a sense of hostility in digital usage but it also undermines the technology. Moreover, the world saw an increasing shift in the negative use of technology. For example, AI-powered deep fakes shocked everyone with how damaging tech can be. So, we’re hoping to see a positive shift in tech to tackle such issues.

  1. AI-based Gaming will Increase: 

We believe that the gaming industry will observe a seismic shift this year. Why? Because AI is going to be more enhanced next year, and this means more integration in our lives. So, we don’t expect the gaming industry to stand back.

The games are going to become more inclusive and interactive. As a result, the gaming industry will see a rapid shift in revenues. Also, with the increase in revenues, one can only imagine where the amalgam of games and tech would stop in the coming years.

  1. AI Integration in the Corporate Sector: 

To this day, many organizations don’t really accept AI. For them, it’s a hoax and they don’t want to be too dependent on the tech. However, most organizations have integrated many responsibilities into AI-based technology.

But the following year is going to change the landscape for the corporate sector. Undoubtedly, AI is going to get more intelligent with time. So, it would be pertinent for all organizations to use tech for their own benefit. Otherwise, they won’t stand a chance against their competitors.

  1. Reduced Carbon Emissions Using Technology: 

For so long, the world has been at war. Our common enemy is the deteriorating environment which can’t be further deteriorated. However, the time has come to take decisive and long-term action against a world-ending threat.

For this reason, we believe to see more environment-friendly tech coming up next year. The automotive industry will observe a sharp rise in the demand for EVs. Moreover, the EVs will become safer and with the reach of most people.

In addition, scientific inventions such as graphene can be commercialized next year. Plus, owing to the history, such gadgets can be introduced to counter global warming at the individual level.

However, tech advancements will surely make the world more connected. The connection services may improve, but that’s only a prediction. There’s, however, a connection that lets you enjoy every tech wonder without any hassle.

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  1. Bots With More Humanly Touch: 

AI-powered bots failed to get the limelight this year. It’s because more exciting things were happening. However, robotics can possibly re-emerge in 2024, owing to great technological advancements.

Robotics have proven their utility in various dimensions. Whether it’s in the medical field or catering in restaurants, robotics has proven its worth. However, there’s still a missing piece, and that's emotions.

Nevertheless, advances in Blue Eyes Technology ensure emotions-based robotics. Moreover, we’re quite hopeful that bots will be able to communicate on a personal level next year.

  1. Cyber-Security Will Need a Revamp: 

It doesn't matter how much the technology grows, as long as it’s available to everyone, it will always be used for damaging purposes. History suggests that with innovation, cyber-crimes have seen a surge.

Getting their hands on the latest technology, cybercriminals are going to be very active. As a result, corporations will need to enhance cyber security on time. Also, data security will be of prime importance as companies will look for ways to gather data more efficiently.

Bottom Line: Does it really matter how tech will expand next year? No, it doesn’t. Because we have full confidence that the next year will be full of surprises and exciting tech ventures. Also, there’s a high probability of gadgets like never before.