How Do I Fix The Xfinity router blinking blue Issue?

Xfinity routers are multifunctional networking devices. A single device has features of an internet modem and Wi-Fi router. Moreover, it offers enhanced Wi-Fi coverage, speed, control, and network security.

These routers have 3 times more bandwidth and can power various devices simultaneously. Additionally, you get the most advanced Wi-Fi technology from Xfinity. Some other unique features of Xfinity routers include compatibility with wireless video box, highest data throughput, DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, etc. 

However, users come across different problems while using Xfinity routers. One of the common problems is the Xfinity router blinking blue light issue. If you wish to read more about the Xfinity router blinking blue problem, read ahead. 

Why Are You Facing the Xfinity router blinking blue issue?

Xfinity router flashing blue light indicates internet connection issues. You see this blinking blue light when your Xfinity router is in WPS pairing mode. There are multiple reasons that can cause internet failure. It can happen because of a temporary internet outage or because of a device overheating. An outdated router firmware can also cause no internet connection problems. Worry not, as this issue is not permanent and can be resolved by applying different methods. 

How do I fix the Xfinity router blinking blue problem? 

If you are constantly bothered by the Xfinity router blinking blue light problem, then apply various solutions mentioned below to troubleshoot this problem. 

1) Restart your Xfinity router

Restarting a router device is a standard solution that can help you fix multiple technical issues. You can either continue the Xfinity box manually or by using the Xfinity app. To restart using the app, you must first download and install the app on your mobile device. Open the Xfinity app, and then a menu will appear before you. Select the internet option from there. Now, you will see the name of your Xfinity device emerging in the list of devices connected to the server. Select your device and then tap on Restart. 

If you wish to carry out the manual restart process, then search for the power button on your router device. Press and hold this button for a few seconds. Now, disconnect your router from the electrical outlet and wait a few seconds. After that, turn on your router. If the Xfinity router blinking blue problem is still occurring, then try the next solution. 

2) Check temporary outage 

Sometimes blue blinking light appears because of scheduled maintenance. To find out that the cause of your problem is a temporary internet outage, you can get in touch with the internet service provider, who can inform you about ongoing maintenance.

You can also look at the website and find out about temporary outages. If the blue light on your Xfinity router is blinking because of maintenance, then you won't be able to access the internet as long as the maintenance is going on. You can only access it after the maintenance is over. 

3) Check if your device is overheating

The blue blinking light may appear because of overheating issues. Sometimes, your router is placed in a location where the connection drops constantly, and the performance gets affected. If you place your router in a dingy corner or in an area where there is radio or physical interference, then that can cause your device to overheat, which further leads to a blinking blue light.

By keeping an object on your router, its heat regulating system gets disturbed. To fix this problem, change the location of your router and keep it away from physical objects. 

4) Update the firmware of your router

Outdated firmware can cause a blinking blue light. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade the firmware of your router to fix internet connectivity problems. You can follow the process to update the firmware on the website of the manufacturer. You can also carry out the steps to update the firmware manually. 

So, these are the different solutions that a person can try out to fix the Xfinity router blinking blue problem. If the above-stated solutions don't help you get rid of this issue, then try limiting the number of connections. In case that also doesn't work, then perform a factory reset.

FAQs of Xfinity Router Blinking Blue

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Q: How Do I restart the Xfinity Router?
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