How Do I Troubleshoot Xfinity Internet and WiFi Connection?

It is quite an easy process to set up Xfinity wifi but, sometimes the wifi may stop working and you may lose internet connection. The situation can be pretty annoying and create many problems and difficulties in your work.

The reasons behind this could be many. If you can find the origin of the problem then you can find a solution accordingly but in case you are lost then you can consider troubleshooting the problem by simply performing a restart.

Some of the common reasons could be damaged wire, expiration of plan, internet outage, or weak wifi signals due to some blockage.

Xfinity Internet and Wifi Connection Troubleshooting

There might be several reasons behind the internet and wifi connectivity issues -

  • Check whether there are any local outages or not.
  • Make sure all the cables are properly plugged in and the coaxial cable is plugged in tightly.
  • You can power cycle or reboot your device by disconnecting all the equipment and connecting them again after a minute.
  • Ensure that your account is up to date in terms of payments.
  • Make sure you clean all the cookies and cache.
  • Try disabling the VPN for better Internet connectivity.
  • Move your router closer to the network coverage area.

If you want to find out a way to fix the internet and wifi connection of your Xfinity then here is how you can do that

You have to first make sure that your device is stably connected to your home Wifi network.

The first and foremost thing is to perform a restart. A simple restart is a great way to fix internet connectivity issues. You can perform a restart with the help of a web interface and also with the help of the Reset button located on your device.

If a reset does not solve your internet and wifi connection issues then try to reset using the following methods-

Troubleshoot the issue with “My Account”

  • Find the internet service tab in the “My Account” section. You will have to log in using your Username ID and password.
  • Go down to “device”. Search your modem and Choose the “restart modem” option.
  • Choose the “ start troubleshooting” option and it will restart your modem. This process will take about seven minutes to finish.

Xfinity My Account App

  • You have to first open the Xfinity My Account app.
  • Go down and choose the “Internet” option available.
  • Choose your modem and click on the “ Restart this device” option. The process will take about a few minutes to finish.