How Do I Fix The Xfinity Wifi Not Working Issue?

Xfinity router not working is a major problem in every household as survival without internet seems impossible. We perform numerous tasks using the internet such as playing games, sending emails, video calling, chatting, uploading documents and videos, downloading documents and videos, etc. Xfinity router not working problem puts a stop to all these activities. Therefore, it is essential to bring the internet back in working condition. Here in this post, we are going to discuss different methods that can help you fix Xfinity Wi-Fi not working problem. 

Why is my Xfinity Router Wifi not working?

Xfinity router not working issue can arise due to various reasons. It can occur if the networking cables are damaged from somewhere. You may also face this issue if there is a temporary outage. Another reason for this issue is outdated firmware. If your device is overheated, then also you may face the Xfinity router not working problem. 

How to fix the Xfinity router Wifi not working issue?

Below, we have laid out different solutions that you can apply to fix the Xfinity router not working issue. 

1) Reset the Xfinity router or modem 

One of the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the router not working problem is to reset the Xfinity router or modem. You can easily carry out the reset process by disconnecting your router or modem from the power source. Let it remain unplugged for the next 30 seconds. After that, reconnect it. If you find a reset button on your device, then press it. 

2) Check your network wires

Xfinity router not working issue can also arise if the network cable connection is not secure. Sometimes, the ethernet wire is loosely connected, which further leads to internet problems. Therefore, remove the ethernet wire from its source and then reconnect it. When you reconnect the wire, make sure it is securely connected. If you find the wire you are using is damaged or faulty, then you can replace the wire. 

3) Check for temporary Xfinity outage

If your internet fails to work even after applying basic troubleshooting solutions, then maybe there is no fault on your end. Maybe all this is happening because of a temporary service outage or maintenance. You can check out the real cause by reaching out to your internet service provider. If this is happening because of the outage, then wait till the issue gets resolved. 

4) Use the My Account service of Xfinity 

If the Wi-Fi not working problem has troubled you to your core, then you can get assistance from the Xfinity support team. You can find this My Account service in your mobile app or internet browser. Below are the steps that you need to carry out to fix the Xfinity router internet not working problem using My Account Service. 

Step 1: First of all, you log into your Xfinity account on the website or open the Xfinity My Account app. 

Step 2: Navigate to the tab of Internet service and then you need to select the Internet section. 

Step 3: After that, choose your modem and then select the option of Restart this device. 

This is an extremely useful feature that helps you resolve your issue. 

5) Keep your device close to the router

Service interruptions can be caused because of weak reception. Therefore, it is recommended to either relocate the devices or the router and bring the two closer to ensure good receptivity. If this helps you fix your problem that means there are zones in your house where there is minimal or no signal. You can also fix this problem of weak receptivity in dead zones by upgrading your Xfinity gateway.  

6) Change the router band

Usually, routers have two bands. One is a 2.5 GHz band and the other one is a 5 GHz band. Wi-Fi 6 routers have a feature of a 6 GHz band and this band offers the maximum speed. Even though 2.5 GHz band is the slowest one but still no other band can compare to the range it provides. If we talk about the 5 GHZ band, it is susceptible to different obstructions standing in the way. Therefore, changing the band from 5 GHz to 2.5 GHz can resolve a lot of issues.

So, this is the list of solutions that you can apply to troubleshoot the Xfinity router not working problem.  If none of this works, then contact the customer support team. They will look into the matter and fix the problem by applying the best solutions. 

Frequently Ask Question

Q1. Why is My Xfinity Home Wifi Not Working?

Ans: There is a chance that your Xfinity home Wi-Fi is not working because of outdated firmware. You may also face this problem because of a loose wired connection.

Q2. How Do I Reset My Xfinity Wifi?

Ans: In order to reset your Xfinity Wi-Fi, you need to press the reset button given at the back of your router.

Q3. Why is it showing a Wi-Fi connection but no internet?

Ans: If your Xfinity router is showing a Wi-Fi connection but there is no internet, then this is probably happening because of the temporary outage.