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Xfinity Router Blinking White [Meaning, Reasons, Fixes]?

Is there anyone who knows about Xfinity Router Blinking White Meaning, Reasons, Fixes this issue? I have no idea about this. Help me.
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Xfinity Router Blinking White [Meaning, Reasons, Fixes]:

The blinking of this white light on your Xfinity router indicates that your networks are unstable or your internet connectivity is not stable.

Reasons Causing Your Xfinity Router Blinking White with Their Troubleshooting?

The below reasons might be responsible for your Xfinity router blinking white, along with the reasons we have discussed their troubleshooting.

R-1 Your Pending Modem Activation, Try Activating Your Modem.

You need to complete your modem activation process before its use. Adhere to the below guidelines to accomplish your modem activation process.

Step 1: Install Xfinity App on your phone.

Step 2: Launch the App and reach out to the Login page.

Step 3: If you are new Tap "Create account".

Step 4: Login with your Id and Password.

Step 5: On the top left, Tap on your "Profile icon"

Step 6: Tap "Devices" from the displayed list.

Step 7: Tap"Activate Xfi gateway or Modem"  and scan the QR code attached to your "Xfi gateway".

Note: if you have your own modem approved by Xfinity then you can enter the 12-digit CM-MAC address printed on Modem's bottom label

R-2 Loose Router Cables, Try Inspecting Your Cables and Your Wall Jack:

The  white light on your router might be blinking due to a faulty cable or loosely attached cables, to troubleshoot this reason try:

  1. Checking any loose connections which are visible to you.
  2. If you find any loose wire join it again and restart your router.
  3. If the problem still occurs, try disconnecting all the cables and replugging them.
  4. Restart your router.
  5. If the white light is still blinking, You can try attaching a different ethernet cable.

R-3 Technical Glitch of Your Router, Try Restarting Your Modem/Router.

If there are some temporary bugs that are responsible for the blinking of the white light on your modem, Then restarting your modem can help you remove a few temporary bugs in your router.

To restart your router adhere to the below instructions:

  1. De-attach or disconnect the main power cord from the router.
  2. Give it a few minutes.
  3. Re-plug it and reboot your router.
  4. Check if the issue is resolved.

R-4 Network Issues, Try Updating the Firmware

Your interrupted internet connection or network issue might be the reason for the blinking of the white light on your router, Updating Firmware can help you with faster internet speed which might help you in resolving the issue.

To update the Firmware of your router:

Step 1: Log in to your  Xfinity router page.

Step 1: Tap "Settings" and look out for "Update Firmware" and Tap it, if you find one.

Step 1: Once you click, your Firmware will automatically update.

R-5 Misconfigured Hardware Device, Try Resetting.

If you have tried all the possible troubleshooting from your side, Then, at last, you can try resetting your modem. The factory reset of your modem will erase all the previous misconfigured settings and your modem will return to default settings.

For resetting your router you can adhere to the below instructions.

Step 1: Tap the "Router settings" and in Reset settings search for the "Reset option" Tap it.

Step 2: Alternatively, Firmly Press and hold the "Reset button" for 6-7 seconds at the bottom side, behind your router.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed the meaning of Xfinity Router Blinking White with its all the possible reasons and their troubleshooting.

If all the above-discussed methods do not give a solution to your problem then at last you can connect with the customer support of your Xfinity team, they might help you in understanding your problem and resolving the issue promptly.

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